Safe images

A way to make sure that you are using a safe and good photo is to make sure that the photo is appropriate and is used correctly for what you are making. If you are able to get photos off of a credible source online, it will probably be more safe for you to use. Making sure that you are never copyrighting anyone else is important to because if you don’t the photo you are using could not be as safe as you think it is. Always make sure to use free images or to not copyright.

Raised Garden Bed

1. What is a raised garden bed?

Raised-bed gardening is a form of gardening in which the soil is enclosed in three-to-four-foot-wide containment units, which are usually made of wood, rock, or concrete and which can be of any length or shape. The soil is raised above the surrounding soil and may be enriched with compost. 

2. Why should we build a raised garden bed at our school?

It would be a quick and efficient way to get plants to the people in poverty
3. What should we not build a raised garden bed at our school?
It does not make too many food products
Copy and paste a photo of the prototypical (best one in your mind) design of a raised garden bed.
Image result for raised garden bed
4. Explain why you like this raised garden bed and what makes it best.
This make more food products in less room

Who I am as an Avatar/ Student Blogging Challenge 1


  1. Explain in 2 sentences what your Avatar is

My avatar is me, I am kinda crazy and I love sports. This also looks kinda like me.

Explain in 2 sentences why you chose to make your Avatar what it is.

I chose it to be like me because I want to show what I look like without showing my actual face.

  1. Explain in 2 sentences what super power your Avatar has/should have.

My avatar would have super strength. I want to be a power lifter when I am older as a good-paying part-time job

  1. Include a link to the website where you created your Avatar.

How to help close the hunger gap

1. Explain what the four factors of poverty are and how they impact one’s life.

The factors are: education, health, food, and geographic location they impact lives by making people in poverty. I would not be able to be on SNAPS with my current situation. If I were on SNAPS I would have $1.26 per meal to spend on food. I could get sick and need to go to the hospital, get better food and have giant hospital bills.

2. Explain how the cycle of poverty works.

  • born
  • have no money
  • bad education because no money and in bad area
  • drop out
  • got low income job
  • be in poverty
  • have kids
  • repeat 3. How do we help people get healthy food cheaply (make sure your answer is realistic)?
  • give them money What government policy suggestions do you have?
  • give people in need money from rich people What changes can you/we make to help?
  • We can make a garden to help people who need it.

If I were on SNAPS…

1. What is SNAPS? SNAPS is a food stamp system that you need to apply for.

2. What is the average monthly benefit for someone on SNAPS? $126

3. On average, I spend $150 on food per week.

4. My life would be different if I were on SNAPS because I would only be able to spend $1.50 per meal and that would be hard.

Cycle of Poverty

1. What factors can lead to poverty?

  • born into it
  • bad education
  • bad job
  • evicted
  • medical bills
  • living in a bad area
  • family issues
  • geographic location


2. Which members of our society suffer most?

  • In the United States, 39 percent of African-American children and adolescents and 33 percent of Latino children and adolescents are living in poverty, which is more than double the 14 percent poverty rate for non-Latino, White, and Asian children and adolescents (Kids Count Data Center, Children in Poverty 2014)
  • African American unemployment rates are typically double that of Caucasian Americans. African-American men working full-time earn only 72 percent of the average earnings of comparable Caucasian men and 85 percent of the earnings of Caucasian women (Rodgers, 2008).
  • African-Americans and Latinos are more likely to attend high-poverty schools than Asian-Americans and Caucasians (National Center for Education Statistics, 2007).
  • From 2000 to 2013 the dropout rate between racial groups narrowed significantly. However, high school dropout rates among Latinos remain the highest, followed by African-Americans and then Whites (National Center for Education Statistics, 2015).

Classroom Economy – Summary of Learning

  1. As someone in this experience, tell your story.  Describe your experience. Tell us about the highs and the lows.  What were your major takeaways? What did you learn? How did you like it?  Be sure to explain your answers.


I was an internal affairs officer which means that I supervise everybody and see if they are doing their job and following core values. If they are not doing what they are supposed to I would write them up. I made $810 a week. The best part was having the couch in the classroom which is $100 dollars a week and the most expensive property in Kauflandia. The low was getting check fraud and almost needing to pay $67000. I got out of the fine because the check that got hacked was for taxes, the tax company should of came to me and told me that I overpaid my taxes and just gave me a nominal fee. I learned how to write and cash a check. This was helpful for real life when I will be getting checks.


2. How did your character’s role/situation in the game affect your ability to take care of yourself?  Think about your income, job, rent, the amount of money you had, any loans you took out, and your health situation.


I made a good amount of money to take care of myself and get some cool stuff. My rent was $125. My income at one point was the 4th out of 14 people. At the end I was 5th out of 14 people in income. I have had no health issues, others had type II diabetes but I was healthy.


3.What aspects of your character’s life encouraged success?  What aspects of your character’s life brought about failure?  Explain how that process worked.


My character’s life encouraged success because he had an education, money, and good housing. I had it pretty excellent. The only thing that brought failure was getting hacked, but that turned out well in the end. The game is like life in most aspects.


4.What attempts did you make to improve your character’s life?  How successful were these attempts? How difficult were those attempts and why?


I wanted to open a casino to get money. These attempts did not work because it is illegal in Kauflandia. It was difficult because it took time and energy to have the idea. I also took the GED test to get a raise. I got a 60%, I needed 65% to pass. This attempt was difficult because it was a high school test.


5.In bullet points, write a list of what you learned about poverty from this activity.  Be sure to include a brief description next to each item about what you learned, explaining your learning/thinking.


  1. Poverty is bad: You can get evicted
  2. You probably have a bad education: because you’re parents have no money to get in a good neighborhood
  3. You are poor: because you had a bad education
  4. You are either homeless or in a bad house: because you are poor
  5. You have a low income job: because you have a bad education
  6. You’re life probably sucks: see above
  7. Overall poverty is a giant cycle

Second Attempt at Building a Racer

1. Given the challenge and the performance of your car on Test Drive #1, what change(s) did you make for Test Drive #2? We made our racer bigger and heavier with a longer rubber band.

2. What differences did you predict these changes would make in your cars performance? What makes you think this? I thought that it would go farther and roll farther because the extra weight will not do anything on the ground.

3. Think about the variables such as the size of the spool, weight of the washer or tension of the rubber band. How might these affect how far or how fast your car will go? The spool size meant nothing because it didn’t spin, we did not use a washer, and the rubber band tension made the elastic energy push it farther with more elastic energy.

4. What worked better the second time? The car went 425 inches in 1.8 seconds which is 232.24 inches per second. Which transfers to about 13.2 mph. All of these are twice as good as last time.

5. What still is not quite working? Breaking the sound barrier.

6. What questions do I have? None.

7. What might I try next? Make a bigger racer.

8. Explain the energy transfer that is taking place in the racer. We stretch the rubber band and when we let go the heavier side shoots forward and launches the racer.

Racer Ideas and Plan


1. What do you like about your initial design? I like that it is quite small and light so it can go long and fast. It moves in the intended direction.

2. What has been challenging about the initial design? Finding what to do with the rubber band to get power.

3. How well did your racer perform in the first race? Did it go far? Fast? It went very far and fast, it went the farthest of all legal cars, and the fastest of all cars.

4. How will you modify your design for the second race? What variables do you feel will affect how far and fast the racer goes? Why? I want to make it lighter and leaner to get more speed and distance. I will also try to add more rubber bands to get more distance

5. What have been your strengths and challenges during the design process? Our strength was making the model once we knew what to do. Our weakness was making a plan.

6. What questions do you have? None


in class today we did more classroom economy. I got chosen by the blogging director to write a blog post. I also got my check forged so when I wrote a 60 dollar check it became a 60000 dollar check

Student Blogging Challenge 8

a. How many weeks of the challenge did you participate in? I participated in weeks 1-8.
b. How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers, or other visitors? I got 3 comments.
c. Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why? I enjoyed the holiday blog post the most. I liked it the most because I could tell everybody that I celebrate my birthday.
d. Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog? I learned how to make emoji sentenced.
f. What did you learn about yourself during this challenge? I learned That I Suck at blogging.

Student blogging challenge 7

My family celebrates the Jewish holidays of Hanukkah, Yom kippur, rosh hashanah, and passover. I also celebrate Thanksgiving, Halloween, and new Years. I like jewish holidays because you get many days of presents instead of just one. I also just had the festivity of having a bar mitzvah!!! It was so fun.

Classroom Economy – Day 1

1. Explain the role/job you have been assigned for our Classroom Economy. I have been assigned the internal affairs job. I have to monitor other people to make sure they are doing their job. I make 810 fake dollars every week.

2. What are you most excited/nervous about for our Classroom Economy? I am exited to have an important job and I am nervous about maybe being fired if I am not doing a good enough job.

3. In my mind, poverty is caused by a lack of education and parents being in poverty. If a kids in poverty than they get a lack of good teachers which means a lack of education, A lack of education can cause high school drop outs and if you drop out than your resume is lacking and you get a low paying job and are in poverty, For higher class citizens they get a better education and a better resume and a better job and get a lot of income which makes them not in poverty and have money to own a lot of things for their kids to get a good education to not be in poverty. This is a rich/poor cycle that goes in cycles for generations.

student blogging challenge 4

top ten favorite sports players

10. Giannis

9. Julio Jones

8. Damian Lillard

7. Mike Ditka

6. Mark Buehrle

5. Scottie Pippen

4.Dick Butkus

3. Walter Payton

2. Michael Payton

1. Khalil Mack

Hi Duncan, I’m asher I live in the USA Can you explain what king ball is it sounds fun. Do you follow American sports?

Hi, I’m asher, What anime should I watch? I want to start.
thanks, Asher

That community service sounds fun. Do you have to do community service hours at your school?

Student blogging challenge 2


Hi la1lucas21, I am aodesky21. I live in WI. I think that your comments are great and you followed the directions very well. How many ancestors do you have in Ireland?



Hi jack, I am aodesky21 I live in WI.
Was cartoonify easy to use? If it was I might use it. Thanks for the idea



Wyatt beck

Hi Wyatt beck, I am aodesky21.
Is it annoying to live with 5 siblings? I have 2 and they are OK. Do you play any sports?

Best wishes in life

simchat torah

What is Simchat Torah?

Simchat Torah (Rejoicing with the Torah) marks the end of the annual cycle of weekly Torah readings and the beginning of the news cycle. It is a joyous holiday that celebrates the Jewish love of the Torah and the study.

How is Simchat Torah celebrated?

Simchat Torah is celebrated by taking all the Torah scrolls out of the ark in the synagogue and spending the evening dancing, singing, and rejoicing. The scrolls are carried around the sanctuary in seven circles called hakafot. Though only seven circles are required, the dancing and celebrating usually goes on much longer. It is also customary to drink alcohol on the holiday as part of the celebratory experience. Many people also take the Torah scrolls out to the street and dance publicly as a way of showing their pride as Jews.

about me

Hi, I’m aodesky21 I live in Mequon WI, I’m in 7th grade, I like football, basketball, and math, My bar mitzvah is October 26 I am excited. This will be one of the most important things in my Jewish life.

Sukkah Day 18

1. Explain how the Sukkah represents Judaism to you. If it does not, explain why. The sukkah represents Judaism to me by being the main part of a holiday and being holy.

2. What part of the Sukkah building process are you most excited to share with families/friends and why? I am most excited to show the studs and the carriage bolts and how hard we had to work to get the walls together.

3. What aspect of the building have you felt most connected to and why? I feel most connected to the studs because they were the hardest part and they connect everything.

4. How has building the Sukkah as a class helped grow your sense of community? The sukkah has grown our sense of community by forcing us to work with people that we may not exactly get along with. It also shows our true work ethic

5. When your family comes to the Sukkah on Wednesday night, what is one thing you are going to tell them about and why? I will tell my family about the trip to lowes and hot hard it was to get everything on and off the bus.

  1. Screwing plywood in
  2. Putting up skach
  3. putting up more plywood

Sukkah Day 16

1. What did you do today (describe the process of what you accomplished)? Today we got the 3rd wall up. I put the carraige bolts in. We also got the window in.

2.What is one thing you have done so far you were initially scared/worried about, but now feel more confident in after all this practice? I Was scared that I would drop something and hurt myself. I have not gotten hurt. I am very confident.

3. Give a step by step account of what you have done so far to get our Sukkah up to where it is today.

  1. we put sides together with carriage bolts
  2. we brought wood outside
  3. we put 2 sides together with screws and nails
  4. we put together studs
  5. we did 3rd corner
  6. we did other side of studs
  7. we did last corner
  8. we helped other groups for 1.5 weeks
  9. we brought wall to other side of school
  10. we put one wall up
  11. we used carriage bolts to connect the walls

We are getting the sukkah put safely together.

Sukkah Day 15

1. What did you do today (describe the process of what you accomplished)? Today I started putting the carriage bolts in. I use a giant drill and put it through 8 inches of wood. I also used a socket wrench to put the hex nuts on the carriage bolt.

2. What is one thing you have done so far you were initially scared/worried about, but now feel more confident in after all this practice? I was worried that my group was not going to pay attention and Dilly-dally the whole time. This did not happen we were the first group to bring our wood outside. We the FIRST wall done!!!!

3. Give a step by step account of what you have done so far to get our Sukkah up to where it is today.

  1. we put sides together with carriage bolts
  2. we brought wood outside
  3. we put 2 sides together with screws and nails
  4. we put together studs
  5. we did 3rd corner
  6. we did other side of studs
  7. we did last corner
  8. we helped other groups for 1.5 weeks
  9. we brought wall to other side of school
  10. we put one wall up
  11. we used carriage bolts to connect the walls

  1. Finishing our side wall
  2. putting our studs in
  3. doing the door frame

Sukkah Day 14

1. Explain in at least two sentences what YOU accomplished today. Today I accomplished finishing my sister stud so our wall could be done. I also felt like a leader when I came up with good ideas.

2. Explain in at least two sentences what YOUR GROUP accomplished today. Today my group finished our wall. We also carried it to the side of the school.

3. Explain in at least two sentences what YOUR GROUP has to finish tomorrow. If you don’t know, ask a group member. Tomorrow we need to help other groups move their walls. We can also paint our plywood.

Sukkah Day 13

1. Today, we worked on Screwing in the sister studs, and it felt great to do this because we were all working together with great and getting it done.

2. An example of when I worked well with a classmate was when we were doing the sister studs.

3. I have nothing left on my Sukkah wall. I am feeling awesome about the amount of work left.

This is us doing the sister studs.

Sukkah Day 12


today we were practicing hammering nails. We kept messing the real nails up so we practiced. We were teaching each other how to do it.


This is my group preparing to start the building for today.



This is us coming out bright and early to start.



This is a shot from a distance.



This is a picture of us bringing out materials.

Sukkah Day 11

1. What did your group accomplish today? Today we finished our wall!!!!!!!!

2. What do you have left to complete in order for your wall to be finished? Nothing!!!!!!!!!

3. Explain how well your group communicated/participated today. Be sure to include one specific example. We were great, there was no fighting.

Include at least 1 photo from today, with a description for each photo (ex: where were you, what were you doing, what did you feel at that time).

We were doing our final corner!!!!!

Sukkah Day 10

1. What did your group accomplish today? We got almost all of our studs done

2. What do you have left to complete in order for your wall to be finished? We have 2 studs and one corner.

3. What help do you need from me (Adon Kaufman) or your classmates? Be specific. We need nothing, we are doing great.

Include at least 1 photo from yesterday, with a description for each photo (ex: where were you, what were you doing, what did you feel at that time).I was drilling holes

Sukkah Day 9

1. Describe what skills (s) you have learned so far. Who taught you those skills? How did they teach you those skills? How can have mastered those skills? I learned how to build things much better than last year. Kaufman taught me with examples. I have mastered using screws.

2. Explain if you believe your group is ahead of behind other groups. Explain why you believe you are at that point. my group is ahead of all of the groups because we have all of our studs and most of out corners in. And most groups have not started the studs.

3. How effectively did your group communicate and collaborate with each other? Provide one SPECIFIC example to support your point. We communicated well. If we did not we would not be as far as we currently are

4. Today is a complete reset from last week. What is one goal YOU have for yourself? One goal is to finish our wall by Wednesday.

5. What is one goal you have for YOUR team? we have the same goal that is above.

Include at least 1 photo from yesterday, with a description for each photo (ex: where were you, what were you doing, what did you feel at that time).

~just need to connect the last set of studs and we will have one wall done!

Sukkah Day 8 – Problem Solving

1. What are the five steps to solving a problem (please list the steps)?

  1. find problem
  2. find solution 1
  3. find solution 2
  4. find solution 3
  5. try and see what works best2. Your group identified a problem you were experiencing. What was the problem? What were your solutions?
    our problem was getting consent from groupmates to do stuff and we solved it!!!
    3. Describe how it felt working with your group after you identified your problem and came up with solutions.
    It was so much easier now that we got that off of our shoulders.

Sukkah Day 7

1. Provide a SPECIFIC example of when you or a member of your group struggled to communicate effectively, with empathy, or appropriately.

Yesterday my group struggled to communicate when we were moving the wood. I felt sad because we were yelling at each other. We should have been calm and respectful. We could have done a lot more if we were more empathetic.

2. Explain how poor communication let your team down.

Poor communication let our team down because our team goal was to start the corners but we did not achieve it because we did not know that we had t take the wood out first and that slowed us down. We should up our game for tomorrow.

3. Describe one positive example of communication you witnessed/did yesterday during class.

I saw people working very well together while putting in the final carriage bolts. It felt good to see people be nice to each other. Those groups got a ton finished.

Include at least 1 photo from yesterday, with a description for each photo (ex: where were you, what were you doing, what did you feel at that time).


Sukkah Purchasing Day

1. Describe a situation when you collaborated well with your group yesterday

Yesterday I collaborated well with my team when we were looking for pillows and wood. We knew exactly what to get and we did not argue.

2. Provide a specific example of a time when you did not collaborate well with your group yesterday

yesterday when we were looking for paint and spray paint our group did not collaborate well because we were arguing about how much we needed and the prices of our products.

3. For the specific example of your struggles, how would you change your behavior/actions next time so as to do better?

I would be calmer and let my groupmates choose so there was less arguing and to make it quicker. I shouldn’t care so much about colors.

4. Explain how well you planned (what you need to buy and how much) and executed that plan (actually did what you said you were going to do).

I think we planned well because we spent exactly $150 dollars and we got the exact amount of bolts and wood. We needed 12 2x4x10 and 3 2x4x12 also we needed 7 pillows, 7 carriage bolts, and more decor.

this is us finding our wood and carriage bolts.

Egg Drop challenge

Describe your prototype design. We took a ball and filled it halfway with cheerios and then we put the egg in. After that, we filled it the rest of the way and finally, we put tape on it.
How does your prototype protect the egg? the cheerios stop the shock waves and protect the egg from moving.
Describe your design process, in detail. Our first idea was to put hard-boiled eggs and the egg in a balloon. after we put newspaper in the ball. and we got our idea while looking in the kitchen.

What worked well in your design? our cheerios stopped the egg from cracking and it did great.
What was challenging throughout this process? It was challenging to get the tape over the cut because it did not stick.

7th One Pager Summer Reading Assessment

Explain three choices you made on your one-pager which show your comprehension of the book or what you learned from the book.

One choice I made on my project was to add an swbst about the main character. I made this choice because it shows I understood that I could only summarize certain moments and show the rest of the book in quotes and drawings of the rest of the book because a one-pager is supposed to be more pictures than summaries.


Another choice I made on my project was to put my rating of the book on the one-pager. I made this choice because it shows I knew that I had to put my opinion on the book and I put my rating of the book right on the sheet along with a paragraph of my choice. I gave my book a 4.5 of 5 stars and I think that my rating was a good choice.


One choice I made on my project was to try to draw the cover on the paper. I made this choice because it shows that I can take risks, I knew that I am not too good at drawing so I practiced a few times on the side until I felt confident that I could draw it legibly, I drew it pretty well… I think.



Explain how you used color on your one-pager.


I used crayons to color out some of the white space so my one pager was more colorful because my one pager had to have minimal white space. So I unwrapped a crayon and used the long side to color it all away. I think it was a good idea because it is now a lot more appealing to the eye and it is very colorful.



Explain two pieces of textual evidence and why you choose that text for your one-pager.


I chose the quote “All I ever wanted was to reach out and touch another human being not just with my hands but with my heart.” because I wanted to show how lonely the main character is and how desperate she id to make physical contact.


I chose the quote “You can’t touch me,” I whisper. I’m lying, is what I don’t tell him. He can touch me, is what I’ll never tell him. Please touch me, is what I want to tell him.” because once again I want to show how lonely she is along with how careful she is to keep other people safe.


Which learning goal did you do your best work on? I think I managed my time very well.


Which one do you find challenging? I think I can work on inferences a little more.


 Sukkah Day 3


1. On Friday, we worked on the organization of our purchasing plan. We are organized with our purchasing because we worked tirelessly.
2. My level of organization has helped our Sukkah project so far. An example of this is I have neatly organized our prices on the google doc

sukkah day 2

1. Yesterday, we worked on our Sukkah project by finding our paint and screws and bolts. My part in the process was to find the paint.
2. One thing I learned because of this Sukkah project was we need more paint

Sukkah Day 1

1. Yesterday, we started our Sukkah project by finding the wood and decorations and price. My part in the process was to find the prices on
2. I am excited about building the sukkah because I have never built something that big.
3. I am a bit worried/not looking forward to nothing because it will be fun.
4. My biggest challenge yesterday was to find the wood online because it took a while.
5. Today, I will overcome my challenges by being more specific in my searches.

7th grade expectations

Using Our Core Values of Wonder, Empathy, Tikkun Olam…


At MJDS, 7th graders believe WE…


  1. Should always have a growth mindset
  2. Are grateful for things we have
  3. Are free to ask questions and share ideas
  4. Are a family that trusts and appreciates, and is inclusive to all
  5. Are responsible for our learning
  6. Are accountable for our actions
  7. Have a safe environment to learn and grow as individuals
  8. Respect each other for who we are



  1. How do you analyze documents with a partner? We read or looked at the picture and talked about it
  2. What is useful about working with a partner when you analyze sources? We have 2 heads
  3. What did you not like about working with a partner? Why? I liked that we played music and got most of it done
  4. Did working with a partner help you better answer our essential question? Why or Why not? no, we did not find the answer

Food for Thought: Temperature and Odor

Do you think the temperature of the room affects the time it takes an odor to get to your nose? Explain your answer. Provide two pieces of scientific reasoning to explain why. If it is more humid it might take longer to get through the wet air? If the odor is frozen in a block of ice it cannot come through and please/kill my nose


Civil War Speed Dating Reflection

  • What role did your character play in causing the Civil War? Charles Sumner fought against slavery and helped Lincoln abolish it. 
  • Did your Character believe in slavery? NO!!!
  • Does your character believe that the government should have the power to tell states what to do? Yes
  • What other person/people does your character believe is most at fault for causing the war? The South
  • Do you like the character you were assigned? No, I would rather have somebody more important.

Minecraft Reflection

  • What did you notice or observe during this challenge? In the beginning, it was easy but when we got to the 8 letter word we were stuck. 


  • What kind of questions did you ask yourself (meta)? When will this be over?


  • What was your “aha” moment during this challenge? How did this impact finishing the challenge? There was no “aha” moment.


  • How did this challenge compare to the other two we have completed? it was a ton harder.


  • What was the most challenging aspect of this challenge? the 8 letter word.


  • What two strategies helped you and your team the most when completing the challenge? growth mindset

Slavery Primary Sources

How did the experiences of slaves first hand compared to what we have read about in the past? Were our secondary sources accurate to the slave experience? It is a lot sadder and more descriptive in their perspective. 

What was one new thing you learned from reading these stories? How sad it would be to get whipped daily.

Did reading these stories from slaves change your perspective? How so? Yes, it must have been so hard to be a slave.

Why did slaves move? Be specific in your answer. They move because they are being sold or set free which is good.

Silly Shamrocks Reflection

What did you notice or observe during this challenge? I noticed that it was a lot easier then the other one.


  • What kind of questions did you ask yourself (meta)? I asked if we were going to finish in time.


  • How did the time limit impact your ability to solve this breakout session? The time limit did not impact us, we did not need to pay attention to it.


  • What were your biggest connections when solving this challenge? The puzzle lock. it was easy.


  • What was the most challenging aspect of this challenge? The directional lock.


  • What two strategies helped you and your team the most when completing the challenge? We worked together very well/

Book Club 1 (Bystander)

1. One new idea from book club is we sort of figured out when the time period was. We inferred that IM was before text messaging and text messaging was in about 2015. That means IM was in about 2007-2012ish.

2. The most interesting part of my book is when Griff started acting two-faced. He was being amazingly nice and well behaved to Eric’s mom but he started being mean when she left.

3. In discussion next time I can grow as a collaborator by not talking out too much. Even though I apologized right away I sometimes messed up peoples train of thought but sometimes gave them more thoughts and ideas.

Causes of Slavery

What were 3 causes for slavery? The whites were lazy and needed workers, They thought that blacks were stronger, and they had no respect.

What did white slave owners use their slaves for? They used them for fieldwork and housework.

What crops did slaves harvest?  Tobacco, cotton and, corn

Where were most slaves from? Africa, Africans are stronger in their opinion.

Why did so many slaves move to the colonies? They had no choice and they were brought and sold

Why were there so many slaves in the colonies? The boats brought hundreds at a time.

Reflecting on Clue

  • What thinking moves did you use when playing this game? I used prior knowledge to know who had what cards.

  • How did organizing your information impact your experience playing the game? In my opinion, it did not, I just used my brain.


  • Where else do you use these thinking skills? I use my skills in math. I use the process of elimination.

  • When might you need this kind of thinking? I use my skills in math. I use the process of elimination.


Og’s Great Adventure Reflection

  • What did you notice or observe during the challenge? My team started off slow but when we got the 9 letter word we got 3 in the next 5 minutes and won.


  • What kind of questions did you ask yourself (meta)? I asked if we were ever going to finish.


  • When did you first begin drawing connections between the different puzzles and pictures? When we got to the link for the 9 letter word.


  • What were those connections? The dinosaurs were actually letters and words 


  • What were your biggest clues? The DINO-SNORE


  • What was the most challenging? The puzzle was hard and frustrating. 


  • What was your biggest ah-ha moment? Why? When we figured out the DINO-SNORE


1st clue


  • what did you notice or observe during the game? I got my 1st guess wrong and lost
  • What kind of questions did you ask yourself? how do I play
  • When did you first begin drawing connections between different characters, clues, pieces of information? I did not.
  • What were those connections? none
  • What were your biggest clues? none
  • What information seems most important to collect? none








Cornell Notes Reflection


Did you use the websites provided to you for this activity? Did they help? Explain. No, I use google search terms and searched it up.


How do you think you can use your Cornell notes in the future? The same way.


What are 3 new things you learned from researching the colonies in this way? Their names are Roanoke, Jamestown, and Plymouth


Why did we do this activity? To learn


How did you research for this activity? Google search terms


What were the biggest challenges you encountered during this activity? none


How did you overcome your challenges? I didn’t need to


Final Scientific Explanation on Sea Lamprey and Trout


Did the Sea Lamprey Cause a Decline in the Trout Population?


The sea lamprey caused a great decline in the trout population.


According to the sea lamprey graph, from 1953 to 1961 the sea lamprey went from a population of 50,000 to 275,000. This means that they had eight years of great feasts. According to the trout graph, from 1948 to 1971 the lake trout went from a population of 200,000 of them to less than 1,000. They were eaten like filet mignon by the lamprey. The trout are a great source of nutrition and they taste great. This shows how the lamprey are eating the trout way too much. Just like in the food web gizmo with the rabbits, grass, snakes, and hawks.


The sea lamprey has razor sharp teeth and make a hole in them and then eat and suck out the insides. If I were a trout it would be like coming across a snake-eel-monster-nightmare-chainsaw-spinning toothed-giant. Just imagine it. I got this information from the dissection experience. This indicates that the trout have been dying because of the sea lamprey because they can kill so quickly. This is why the trout had a population of less than 1,000, and the sea lamprey jumped to 275,000.


The sea lamprey keeps reproducing having 60,000-100,000 eggs. They start reproducing 12-20 months after their larval stage. More eggs mean more trout getting eaten

A sea lamprey has a fish host like a symbiote in the movie venom. Venom is hosting Eddie like a lamprey is hosting a trout.

The lamprey latches onto the trout and sucks its insides. More eggs mean more trout eating lamprey.


This is why The sea lamprey caused a great decline in the trout population.




Testing our Rapunzel Creations


What materials did you choose for your build and why? hot glue, tape, cardboard, paper, popsicle sticks


While you test:


What are you noticing?  It works


What things are working? the cat is going down the ladder.


How will you tweak this? Make this better? It is good.


Do you need any new materials? If so, WHY? no


Sketch your new design with labels on a piece of paper. Make sure your drawing is detailed and specifically labeled.

Insert your sketch here: NA

Why will this new design work better than your first attempt? What is your evidence? It is good


Building Reflection

What about the building process was challenging? We made a giant mess.

How did your build differ from your plan? we used too much hot glue.

How did your group work well together during the build? What would you do again? We did not argue. We would do it all again.

How did your group struggle during the build? What would you change? We did not struggle. Nothing.

Explorers reflection

what about this project went well for you? Explain. It was fun to make.

What about this project did not go well for you? Explain. everybody did Marquette and Lewis and Clark

How can you create a better project next time? I could make it longer

How did you think the planning process went? Were you able to find all the information you needed? yes

What could Adon Kaufman and Gev. Noorlander do differently next time? not do a whole sheet for each person

What impact did explorers make? we now have more land

Dissection Reflection

  • What is the value of dissecting? To see what is inside them and to learn why they are predators/prey.


  • How did the dissection help you understand what is happening between the sea lamprey and the trout? If I was a trout I would want to die if I saw a lamprey.


  • How did you feel about dissection? If you enjoyed the process, why did you enjoy it? If you did not enjoy it, what was difficult about it? It was awesome, I got to take out their brains, insides, eyes, eyeballs, and intestines.


Index Card Challenge

Today’s Challenge: Using only an index card and scissors find a way to cut your index card so you can fit your entire body through it.


Teamwork Rubric Focus (organization/planning ):


My goal for organization/planning today within my team is to plan very specifically and know every step.


My Individual Plan <insert photo of sketch and/or type out the plan>

we can cut a design and make it a circle

Why I think my plan will be successful: it will be big and wide


Our Group’s Plan <insert photo or sketch and/or type out the plan>

we can cut a design and make it a circle


We chose this plan because… it was the idea we voted on


Possible challenges that may come up during construction… it could break


Each team member will be responsible for… cutting and blogging


After the Build

<insert photo of group member fitting through the index card>

pic did not work. we cut around the edges without breaking it.

Our design worked well because… it did not break.


This activity was challenging because… it was not


This activity was comfortable because… we did not fight


I met my teamwork organization/planning goal by… being detailed to my partner.


A strength of my team was… we finished.


An area of growth for my team is… N/A


For our next challenge, my new teamwork organization/planning goal for myself is… be more specific


Why are Midterm Elections Important?

What do Midterm Elections decide in the government? The house and the senate


How are citizens impacted by Midterm Elections? Sometimes different laws


What can citizens do to get people they want to be elected? They can vote


Why do Midterm Elections exist? The Senate and house are not all 4 years.


Why is it important for different groups of people to run for government positions? They have different ideas


CER writing

Did the sea lamprey cause a decline in the trout population?

Claim: The sea lamprey caused a great decline in the trout population.


Evidence: According to the sea lamprey graph, from 1953 to 1961 the sea lamprey went from 50000 of them for 275000 of them. This means that they had eight years of great feasts.

According to the trout graph, from 1948 to 1971 the lake trout went from 200000 of them to less than 1,000 of them. They were eaten like filet mignon.

According to the Journal of the fisherman, the sea lamprey started out in the Atlantic Ocean. Then they came into the Great Lakes. And finally, they started eating an all-you-can-eat buffet of lake trout.



This indicates that the trout have been dying because of the sea lamprey. This is why the trout were less than 1000  and the sea lamprey jumped to 275,000.

End of NA Unit Reflection

How do you think you have grown as a learner since the beginning of this unit? I have learned to listen better.


What topic this unit has been most interesting to you? Explain. The part about the sports teams


Think about our school values.

  • What has this unit made you wonder? I wondered how to give them reparations.

  • How has this unit made you feel empathy? I showed empathy to the native Americans.

  • How has this unit strengthened your feeling of Tikkun Olam? I will try to help fix our mistakes.


What can we (your teachers) change to make this unit better in the future? nothing

My Prior Knowledge of What an Invasive Species Is

What do you think invasive species means? It means a plant or animal that invades a food web and messes it up.


What does it mean to invade something? To go into something and disturb its normal life.


Can animals invade? Yes, I know this because the northern pike is an invasive species so you can catch a lot of them and keep a lot of them. 


What about plants? Yes, weeds are invasive species because they come in and steal water and nutrients from other plants.


How might invasive species affect other organisms in their environment? They could kill or eat the other animals and mess up the food web.


Reflecting on ETC

How have you changed as a group member this year in ETC? This year I changed as a leader and a follower. Earlier this year I was not as much of a leader, now I am.


How has working in ETC made you a better student in other classes? (Social Studies, ELA, Jewish Studies, Hebrew, Math, Science) Now I am a good leader. 


Thinking about my blog posts, I have improved by… Learning how to be a good writer in ETC class.


In the future, I plan to improve my blog posts by… Going off the rubric.

Native American Experience

Some Native Americans do not like the term Native American. Explain why they reject this name. They don’t want to be an American


One person in the BBC Video said that living in poverty does not mean they are poor. What do you think he meant by that? The land is poor not the person.


Some Native Americans approve of the team name Redskins. What is their reason for approving this name while others do not? They are happy to have a team named after them.


In the CNN segment, there was a story told about a woman who used to approve of the name Redskins, and now does not. What changed? Why does she no longer approve of the name? They are not as respectful about it.


How can non-Native people help others learn about Native Americans current issues? What can we do to help? We can respect them and learn about them.

Cup Holder Challenge


Today’s Challenge: Using only provided materials ( 6 straws, 1 piece of paper, a piece of tinfoil, 12 inches of masking tape, 2 paperclips, 2 pieces of string, 1 envelope, and 2 pipe cleaners)  create a structure that holds two cups as high as possible and as far apart as possible.


Teamwork Rubric Focus:


My goal for participation today while working in my group is… To be as respectful as possible


My Individual Plan: I would put a strip of paper under a cup on the far left and make 2 more “stories” and put the cup on the far right.


Why I think my plan will be successful: it will be strong and far apart from other cup


My Groups Plan <insert photo or sketch and/or type out the plan> the Same thing


We chose this plan because… it smart


Possible challenges that may come up during construction… breaking of materials


Each group member will be responsible for… building and recording


After the Build

broke before pic


Our design worked well because… we won


This activity was challenging because… we had so little materials


This activity was comfortable because… I liked my team


I met my participation goal by… being very respectful


A strength of my team was… we got along


An area of growth for my team is… being more careful


For our next challenge, my new participation goal for myself is…  be more careful


Native American Mascots


Explain why or why not Mascots meant to resemble Native American people should be changed. The Cleveland Indians and Washington Redskins mascots should not be changed because they are some of sports original teams.


Should Native American people be given something in return for these mascots? Why? They should not get stuff because the teams are so old


Do you think it would be important to you to change these mascots if a mascot was made of you? Explain. No because I would be on the Death Valley Asher’s


Should these teams and the government give Native Americans reparations? Why? No because they might like it

Paper chain challenge

Today’s Challenge: Using only provided materials (two pieces of construction paper, 1 pair of scissors, 1 ruler and one 12-inch strip of masking tape) create the longest paper chain possible.


Teamwork Rubric Focus:


My goal for teamwork today is… To be respectful the whole time.


My Individual Plan: I want to make as many 3×1 strips of paper as possible into a chain.


Why I think my plan will be successful: we will have lots of chains.


My Groups Plan: make 1 chain than cut strips and tape them together

We chose this plan because… It was a smart idea


Possible challenges that may come up during construction… Too think and break


Each group member will be responsible for… one person will cut one person will tape and one person will make it a paper chain.


After the Build

<insert photo of completed chain>


Our design worked well because… It was 841 inches long


This activity was challenging because… it was not


This activity was comfortable because… I liked my group


I met my teamwork goal by… Being very respectful


A strength of my team was… there was no arguing


An area of growth for my team is… N/A


For our next challenge, my new teamwork goal for myself is… Be more respectful


Columbus debate reflection

Explain how your group worked together before the debate (during research). Did you work well together? We put our research in a doc and studied. We worked together. 


Explain how your group worked together during the debate. Did you work well together? We each took turns and had different parts.


What can you do differently next time? Why will this help you and your group improve? I think that we did well. We are good


Explain how this debate influenced your opinion on Columbus. I now hate Columbus but I still like Columbus day

Pinball marble run challenge


Essential Question: Can my group successfully plan, design and build a paper plate pinball/marble run using only the provided materials?


Goal: Move the marble from one end of the plate to the other, having the marble travel through at least three obstacles.


My teamwork/communication goal for this challenge:  To finish the project without fighting.


Step 1: Brainstorm

Look at the supplies table. You may NOT take anything from the table yet.  

You may only take ONE plate and ONE marble. There are no other requirements. You will have 15 minutes to build.

What ideas do you have? Put it through loops.

Your group has shared all of your ideas. Before you can start building, what is your actual plan?

  • What will your marble run look like? (draw a sketch & insert photo here)
  • How will you make sure all members of the group are included in the building process? take turns

Build and test



What was comfortable about the challenge/teamwork?  it was fun

What was difficult about the challenge/teamwork? arguing

How did the teamwork rubric help your group today? we did a lot

Is there anything you would change about the teamwork rubric after going through this challenge? no

How did you support your team today? I made ideas

What might you do differently during our next team challenge? nothing


Where Do Living Things Get the Food They Need Lab

Today in science we tested a bean seed and a potato for starch to answer the question, “Do plants contain the food that organisms need?” Below, is my scientific explanation that explains what we learned and discovered from our lab today.

Image of the lab:

Claim: There is starch in potatoes

Evidence: We put iodine on a potato and a bean seed and the potato turned black. That means that the potato has starch.

Reasoning: I know that the potato is a food because it has at least one of  (carbs, sodium, fats, or protein.)

Teamwork in ETC

Today’s essential question: What makes a team work? 

Why is it important to develop the capacity to work as a member of a team? So you can get more done.

What areas of teamwork do you find easiest and why? I find panning easiest because you can work together.

What areas of teamwork do you find most challenging and why? Disagreeing because it can turn into a fight.

What difference does it make if you are able to play a role in the development of assessment tools? You get your ideas into the mix.

In what way(s) do you connect this work to our Core Values: Wonder, Empathy & Tikkun Olam We are working, respecting, and getting smarter.

5th Grade Podcasts


  • Title and host or hosts of your podcast names? mikies mixed media
  • Genre? video games
  • Summary of the podcast’s focus? the new fortnite update with shopping carts
  • Summary of your episode? the new fortnite update he thinks it will be good
  • Assessment of Credibility? good because it was recommended to me by a fortnite player


  • do you like or don’t like it? I do
  • Who you would recommend the podcast to? any fortnite player
  • Any details about the experience of listening to something and if you did or did not like it? it was awesome
  • Final rating out of 5 with 5 being the best? 5 out of 5




  1. What were three of your favorite things we did in tefilah this year rosh Kodesh sep, oct, may
  2. What were two of your least favorite things we did in tefilah this year, and why? praying and having tefillah
  3. We will have tefilah on the calendar again next year.  What would you like to keep or continue in tefilah? no tefillah
  4. What would you like to have less of in tefillah?  tefillah
  5. What would you like to add to tefilah? no tefillah
  6. If you were telling a student who was new to upper school about tefilah, and trying to get him/her excited about it, what would you share? tell them nothing
  7. What other thoughts or ideas do you want to share about your tefilah experience this year? no more tefillah

Biography Update

The subject of Biography: Alexander Hamilton

Why I chose this subject:

I chose this because I saw the play. Also, I have studied him for a while.


Sneak peak of Introduction:

Hamilton was a very good politician and war hero

The element of biography I want to make sure I include and why:

List structure

Invention Convention brainstorming

Invention Convention Project Proposal

What ideas have you brainstormed?

  1. Lazy 6-pack
  2. Magnets that keeps your drink on top of the fridge
What is the problem you identified?

  1. people are too lazy to go to the gym
What is the solution to your problem?  Please include a labeled sketch.

  1. Heated metal 6 pack under your shirt
Where did I look to see if the idea was new?

  1. AbHancer
What materials do I need?

  1. Wood or metal and plush that is cuttable
What is my plan?

  1. Make in maker space
What help do I need from others?

  1. none

roller coaster


Materials I used: I used tape and 2, 6ft foam tubes

Visuals of my project:

Summary of my project:


What starting height was needed for the marble to make it through the loop most of the time? 6 foot 3 inches
What can you determine about the relationship between potential energy and kinetic energy? energy of motion then energy of motion
  • Potential energy- energy in waiting
  • Kinetic energy- energy of motion
  • Conservation of energy-energy in waiting
  • Gravity- invisible force that keeps stuff down
  • Velocity- height
  • Friction-invisible force that slows stuff down
  • Slope- up then down

Rube Goldberg

Is your machine completed?



How many transfers do you have?



Have you tested what you do have?

Yes we have.


What materials do you still need?

We need a ramp. 


Have you double checked your rubric to make sure you have met all the requirements?

Not yet, we will tomorrow.


Are you concerned about not being completed on time? Why or why not? Have you communicated this to your teachers?

No we think that once we get the ramp it will get everything perfect and together


Monday tefilah

Which tefilah elective have you been in? I have been in art.

Describe what you have been doing in your elective. I have been making a hospital out of wood. It is for meesh a ber ach (the prayer for healing)

What has been the best or most meaningful part of this elective? I have learned a lot in the maker space like using a drill.

What is one thing you have learned in your tefilah elective? I learned how to use an electric saw.

What is one thing you would change or improve about your elective? I would have less people in it.

What (related to your tefilah elective) do you still wonder about? I wonder if it will be back next quarter.

Elements of Plot



What book are you currently reading?

Alex rider never say die.


Why did you choose this book?

I chose this book because it is the 11th book in the series and I read 1-10.


What are the main characters?

Alex, jack, and Sabina.


What smaller problems happened in the book?

Alex almost drowned and got shot 3-4 times.


Have you reached the climax of your book? What was the big moment of tension?



Have you reached the resolution? If yes, is it what you thought would happen? If not, how do you think the problem will be resolved?

The resolution should be that the bad guys get shot or they die. The last 10 books ended this way.


What type of conflict is occurred in your book?

Character vs character, Alex VS Giovanni brothers- Giovanni brothers are trying to kidnap 52 of the richest children in the country and are demanding a ransom of $260,000,000.

boat challenge day 2!

    today we built our boat. We first took a water bottle than wrapped balloons around it. Later we will put it in water with the baking soda and vinegar than it will be a “motor boat (at least I hope it will work and be a motor boat)”.

conflict in fiction tutorial

Think about a book you’re reading now or one you’ve read recently. What type of conflict occurred in the story? Describe it using specific details from the text. 

In Bud Not Buddy Buds mom dies. Also he is on the run to find his dad (who he thinks is Herman E. Caloway). This is character vs self or society. It is vs self because he is sad that his mom dies and it is hard to go across the state. Then vs society is he meets groups of people or police that try to stop him.

How did it move the rest of the story along?

Bud is trying to find Herman E. Caloway but he needs to go from Flint MI to Grand rapids MI which is a long journey.

Was the conflict resolved? How? If not, how do you think it will be resolved?

It was resolved by meeting him and finding out more about Herman E. Caloway.

memoir update

We’ve been working on writing memoirs in ELA for the past few weeks. Here is an update of what I’ve accomplished/learned at each stage of the writing process.


The part of the writing process that has been the most comfortable for me has always been…because…

My favorite part of the process is the drafting because I like coming up with new ideas as I write.


The part of the writing process that has been the most challenging for me has always been….because…

The most challenging part of the process is coming up with the right story sometimes it takes 20-25 minutes to find it.



I’ve learned the characteristics of a memoir include: 

1. a true story of a memorable experience

2. written in # order

3. includes descriptive details

4. includes reflection

5. writer is in the story

6. include family

7.written to make the reader feel a certain way

I think the characteristic I really want to focus on in my writing is…because…


Making the reader feel a certain way because my story is not the best subject for that.


My favorite memoir mentor text was….because the author…


My favorite text is my rotten redheaded older brother because I can connect with it because my brother is rotten, spoiled, annoying ,and not nice. The author made it realistic by using present tense words with description.

Generating Ideas/Selecting




Why do you want to share this idea/story with others?

I want to share that it was a memorable experience.

What emotions do you want your reader to feel as they read your memoir?

I want them to feel happy like I felt happy while going through the experience.


Here is my first draft:



One thing I think I did really well is….because…

Using exciting words and loud words to add excitement and suspense.

As I head into editing and revising, one thing I want to focus on is…because…

using better punctuation.

Stay tuned for another post soon as I work on revising my first draft. If you have any SHE (specific, helpful, empathetic) feedback, please leave it as a comment!


10 by 100

  1. Go to an NBA finals

2. go to the super bowl 4 times

3. Go to the world series

4. Go to the Stanley cup

5. Be in the NBA

6. Work for the falcons

7. Go to the Bahamas

8. Go to Costa rica

9. Have a 20+ mil net worth

10. Meet the newest  icon of every generation

11. Have 11 dogs

12. not die

one word goal update

My One Word Goal: smart

One thing I can do this week to help me stick to my goal? This week I can check every answer in every problem.

One thing my teachers can do this week to help me stick to my goal? They can remind me to check my answers

One thing my friends can do this week to help me stick to my goal? They can remind me to check my answers.

One thing my family at home can do this week to help me stick to my goal? They can remind me to check my answers.


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