4 sons

Instead of doing the normal stuff, I diced to ask people two questions.
1. Which child do you think you were like as a kid?
2. Is the wicked child really wicked?

I got some very good answers

Basically the audios said that the wicked child is not evil and that people aren’t really one son.


For my Mishkan I got new lights for my room and made my room more to my liking. I can’t get a pic because the lights haven’t gotten here but I will. This makes it more holy to me because it makes me want to spend more time here and think more.

Rube Reflection

Our rube worked really good and I was proud of it because we all put lots of time planning and I spent 4 hours in the makerspace making the wood piece.
I think I would not stress documentation because I did not look back at it making it not important to my learning experience and it took away from time to work.
The goal of our rube was to make olive oil.
The process of our rube went
1. A marble goes down a ramp
2. Marble knocks down dominos
3. Dominos knock down an unsteady plank
4. Wood falls onto a lever
5. Lever hits off a plank holding down a car
6. The car goes down a ramp
7. Car hits down a water bottle
8. Water bottle crushes olive making olive oil.

This process went well.


Chapter 4
Mordecai wanted to mourn but he could not see Ester in sackcloth so ester sent down a maid to give him good cloths then Mordecai told her about the decree.

Chapter 5
Ester wanted to tell the king so she fasted for 3 days with her servants to persuade the king to let her in then when she threw a feast for Haman and the king but she was too chicken to tell the king about the decree.
Extra: Haman wanted to spear Mordecai on a 50 cubic high stake.

My Jewish Studies Progect

What is Humanistic Judaism

Humanistic Judaism is a branch of Judaism that I believe in and it not very common. In this paper, I will tell you what Humanistic Judaism

Humanistic Judaism is believing in Jewish values without the belief that there is not one supernatural thing controlling your every move.

In its current form, Humanistic Judaism was founded in 1963 by Rabbi Sherwin Wine.
What Do Humanistic Jews Believe

Humanist Jews believe that there is no supernatural power controlling your every move. Humanist Jews believe that every Jew has the power to create a meaningful Jewish life without the role of a God or controlling being watching over them. They also believe that the Torah is not a book of history, but a book of lessons that shows us that what a good Jew should be even if there is no God there. Another belief of Humanistic Jews is that a Jew’s main goal in life is to have good self-esteem and a good ego/dignity. The roots of humanistic Judaism are just as important as the religious ones. Judaism was made by people, not from falling from the sky. Humanist Jews that there is no God that is created religion just to have people follow them. The final main belief of humanistic Jews is that holidays are representations of human events. Like Passover, there probably was a pharaoh that enslaved people and it’s the holidays are lessons that are based off learning about how to be a good person.

How Does This Resonate With Me

This resonates with me because I have trouble believing in god. It shows that you don’t have to believe in god to be Jewish. This helps me because in Jewish studies the teachers often ask “what are your beliefs about god?” Now I have an actual answer and I don’t have to say I don’t believe in god. Most of the time when I state my former beliefs they’ll just make me do extra work because I don’t believe in god.
I really like how a lot of the time that I was doing this project it was a bunch of me doing research and figuring out how I believe in Judaism and how I am a Jew. Now after this project which Gev. Honigman so happily assigned me I now have a good reason to go to Jewish studies class. I really like to be in Jewish studies class now because it is a good class but you just need to have the right mindset.


What is Humanistic Judaism?

Food web

Today 6th grade did a fun activity by making a food web out of string. The way we did this is that everyone got 2 organisms. The people wit producers went first, the producers passed to their predators and so on and so on until we got to the predator with no more predators.. we did this four times. This helped me understand that even one kind of fish/animal gets wiped out then all of the other organisms would be affected. The one thing that I would change is to add more predator fish because we always went to lake trout.

Before the chicken

I like chicken mummification because it is a fun way to learn about mummification but also not a game. It has helped my plan because I know we will have to go off that and not go off track. Working in a group has helped because it gives me new ideas for my plan. The most comfortable thing about the project is if we fail the prosses we don’t fail the class. I am confident that my plan will work tho.

Golf Ball Challenge

Today we tried the golf ball challenge again and I didn’t want to do it again because we had already done this challenge and I got the idea of the challenge and I don’t know if that affected mt teamwork. I do have to say the teamwork was better this time because I think we had a better idea of what to do. Something we could work on was not getting mad at a teammate if they were being stubborn. Overall I think the challenge was a good challenge.