See, Think , Wonder

Look at the picture below. In the comments section answer the following questions. What do you see?  What do you notice? What do you wonder?  Make sure to answer in complete sentences.


Image result for photograph of greensboro sit ins"

21 thoughts on “See, Think , Wonder

  1. I see a lot of people. I notice they are at a dinner. I wonder if this is part of the civil right movement.

  2. see:I see a sit in and people are throwing food at the African American’s.
    Think: I think the whites are mad at them.
    Wonder: I wonder if this is the Greensboro sit ins

  3. I see people crowding around something. I think they’re at a diner. I wonder why they’re all there and when this was.

  4. I see people and a sine that said hot donuts
    I think it is a a donut shop
    I wonder where it is in the world.

  5. I see African American and white people. I think the white people are pouring and throwing things at the African American people. I wonder what year that happened?

  6. I see some one poring peer.
    I notice everyone staring at some one.
    I wonder what this picture is about.

  7. I see a lot of people crowded into one place.
    I think there is something happening.
    I wonder what they’re all in there for.

  8. I See: People sitting on a counter. I see some people getting messy. I see lots of white people not as much African American.

    I Wonder: Why is there so many white people? Why are they fighting? Where is this taking place?

    I Think: This is in the Civil Rights Movement. The white are angry at the African American.

  9. I notice that they are at a doughnut place that is called the “Hot Doughnut Department”
    I think this looks 100% weird because the picture is in black and white. I think it is black and white because it is old.
    I wonder why it looks so crowded?

  10. I see people at a lunch counter.

    I think they don’t want African Americans to sit at the lunch counter.
    I wonder why they don’t want them sitting there?

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