Morning Work

Answer the following question in the comments section.  Make sure you explain your answer and how you got it.  Try you write equations using variables, and share the equation in the comments section.  Fee free to comment on someone’s answer! This question is not supposed to be easy, it’s supposed to help your brain grow!


Noah sold tickets for a school fair. Adult tickets cost $8, and
student tickets cost $5. Noah sold 12 tickets for $87. How
many student tickets did Noah sell?

9 thoughts on “Morning Work

  1. Noah sold 11 student tickets. Each student ticket cost $5. 11×5=$55. Then we do $87-$55=$32. The cost of the an adult ticket is $8. $32/$8=4. So he sold 4 adult tickets.

  2. he sold 3 student tickets

    3x$5 = $15

    9x$8= $72
    15+ 72 =$72

    I got this by trying different problems and combinations of a adult and student tickets

  3. You should do 87 divided by 5=c=17 remainder 2. the extra 2 is how many parents bought I think. I got this by thinking the parents was extra information.

  4. Noah sold 11 student tickets.
    $87 total. I subtracted $8 one at a time, until I could divide that number by 5. When I counted four $8 tickets sold, the number was 55. 55 divided by 5 is 11.

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