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February 27, 2020
by yshamah24

Global Experience

What was the best thing about Global Experience and the and the work leading up to it? I liked the airplane flight and I also liked making my project.                                     What was the most challenging part? The most challenging part for me was putting my project together in time.                                                                                                How have I grown as a learner? I grew as a learner by being independent.                     Why is studying another country important? It helps you learn about others culture.    What is the best thing about student driven learning? I think the best thing about it is we get to control our learning. 

February 26, 2020
by yshamah24


Why we should have less homework   by Yoni shamah                               

It has memes about it. Kids hate it. 

Homework. I am certain that for kids to succeed we need to lower the homework load on them.


There are many reasons why excessive amounts of homework is bad. Such as it causes unhealthy study habits.  It also takes away time to use your creativity. It also takes away family time.


Homework can also negatively affect students health in ways such as not getting enough sleep. It also causes anxiety. Additionally it causes depression.                              


It also takes away time from being a kid in ways such as it harms social development. Homework also takes away free time. Also 65% of kids play sports and some had to quit just to make more time for homework.


One reason people think we should have more homework is because it makes you more responsible.  Instead of homework to teach responsibility, kids can have chores. Kids can also check out books from a library and return it on time. 


So concluding this, there needs to be less homework for kids. 

So they can succeed, be healthy, and be happy. 



February 25, 2020
by yshamah24

Global Experience Blog Post

Yesterday we went to junior and senior kindergarten to see them present to us what they were doing. Junior was doing refugees and senior did their family trees. I learned about the seniors family trees. I liked that they had a map showing where their families came from. 

February 20, 2020
by yshamah24

My Thoughts on Torah

Why did Esau and Jacob rival so much? I think it is because they were opposite from each other    and because they also fought each other in the womb and they had parents that played favorites.  Do differences make sibling rivalry easier or harder? I think easier because they had less to rival each other in.


February 10, 2020
by yshamah24

Tu Bishvat

Three things about Tu Bishvat that I know is that is the birthday of the trees and it is when you eat fruit and you plant trees.

February 6, 2020
by yshamah24


Somebody: Hercules  

Wanted: To bring Meg back to life 

But: Her soul was in the underworld 

So:Hercules goes the underworld

Then: He jumps in the river to get Meg and makes it out 

Character traits Hercules loving, smart strong willing

proof: strong, He destroys a mall accidently and turns it to rubble. Loving, When he becomes a god he goes back to Earth for Meg. Perseverance  He doesn’t give up when people are mean to him.




February 3, 2020
by yshamah24

Caste system

       In my opinion the caste system is a terrible way for Indian society to work. As far as I’m concerned, it isn’t changing.   

What is the caste system? It is a way of putting people into classes like brahmin kshatriya vaisya sudras and last and poorest dalits which are considered subhuman.

You can’t move up in a caste system so if you’re a dalit you’re staying like that for the rest of your life which isn’t fair. This means if your great great great great great great great great great great great, grandpa was a poor beggar that’s how you are going to grow up.


That’s just not fair because what if you’re a really good doctor but you can’t get a job in medicine because of your caste? What if you were able to go to school and make lots of money but can’t because of your caste?


What if you are not a Hindu, would you still have to      

follow the caste system?


Because of all of these reasons, I am very against the Caste System.

December 19, 2019
by yshamah24

india post

A topic that I am most interested in is pollution. Did you know that 25000-50000 people die each year in India because of pollution? And the governments does not have the money to help. Why is india so polluted? Why don’t people do anything about it?     

December 3, 2019
by yshamah24

Math Projects

We are doing a math project in math about creating a fast food restaurant with 2500 sq ft. We have made the counter and tables and given it a name, we can fit 96 people. I am excited for the money part.          


November 26, 2019
by yshamah24

What I am grateful for

I am thankful for video games ,tv, food, minecraft, life, health, fifteen walls, a roof, a bedroom, a bed, a computer, a 6th gen ipad, money. I am thankful for a private education, chromebooks for school. I am thankful for wifi, access to the internet ,books, clothes, camp, snow big brain, cars, and legos.

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