No Quarantine for Stanley

While we have been enjoying staying close to home, Stanley continues to travel the globe.  He recently came back from Australia, where he was visiting friends of Tali’s family. Stanley

brought back lots of pictures and souvenirs.  He said he had an awesome time and koalas are now his favorite animal.


Stanley also enjoyed spending time with Ronnie’s friends in Israel.  He loved jumping on the trampoline and trying new foods.


School Supply Drop Off/Yearbook Mural Signing/Last Day of School Change


On Thursday, June 11, families are asked to please return all school materials to MJDS.  Second grade families will need to return Super Magazine 4. The magazine can be dropped off at school between 8-10 am or 2-4 pm.
Also, please be sure to stop by school to sign the yearbook mural at the Star Door sometime between  June 1-5.
The last day of school will be Wednesday, June 10th.

Math Night – May 27th

2nd-5th graders and their families have an awesome opportunity to participate in a math night hosted by Mathnasium of Mequon.  It is scheduled for Wednesday, May 27 at 6:30 p.m. In order to attend, families must pre-register at

Once you register, a zoom link will be sent for the event. You will need to have the following materials ready for the night.
– Playing cards
– Dice
– Post it notes
– Writing utensils
It is going to be a great evening, so I hope you will sign up.

Some Fun Events You Don’t Want to Miss

MJDS Night of Laughs 

Who: MJDS Grownups please join us for an hour of fun and laughter

When: Wednesday, May 13 at 8 p.m.

What: Comedian Scott Long

Scott has been seen on NBC, ESPN, and Fox-TV. Scott’s show is especially known for his hilarious takes on marriage and parenting. Beside standup, Scott co-hosts the popular Frank Caliendo and the This Might Work podcasts.

How: Click HERE at 8 p.m. on May 13

Meeting ID: 847 8282 3175

Password: mjds1234

MJDS Family Magic Show

Who: Your family

When: Sunday, May 24 at 3:30 p.m.

What: Magician Ben Seidman (MJDS alum) has been featured on Netflix, Travel Channel, and the CW – but today, he’s in your living room. MJDS families will be part of an interactive performance full of incredible magic tricks, but there’s a catch… During the show, one of Ben’s miracles will utilize a camera trick – and it’s your job to figure out which routine is tainted. Can you spot which illusion is the fake? Or can sleight of hand rival camera trickery? You’ll have to tune in and find out!

How: Click HERE at 3:30 p.m. on May 24

Meeting ID: 853 9364 4510

Password: mjds1234


Flat Geveret Dowling has been busy!

Flat Gev. Dowling has been playing games, singing songs, guarding a fairy door to catch a glimpse of a special fairy, helping with homework and zooming during Shabbat Sing and daily lessons.

ABC Countdown

It’s hard to believe but, starting Tuesday, May 5, we will be counting down to the last day of school.  Like we did last year, each day has something special to help us celebrate.  I hope you will all join in the fun!  The schedule is attached below.

ABC Countdown

May 5 A Artist for the Day-create a masterpiece and email to your teacher.
May 6 B Backwards Day- Eat your meals and wear your clothes backwards.
May 7 C Chalk Day – Write happy messages on your driveway in chalk and send pictures to your teacher.
May 8 D national field DAY…
May 11 E Exercise Day – Get your heart pumping today!
May 12 F Fort day!!! Build a fort, take a picture and send it to your teacher!!
May 13 G Gratitude Day-write letters to your family thanking them for all they do..hide it under their pillow.
May 14 H Hopscotch Day-create your own hopscotch outside (make it creative).
May 15 I Ice Cube Day – bring one outside in the sun and time how long it takes to melt completely.
May 18 J Jigsaw Puzzle Day – put a puzzle together alone or with your family – have a puzzle putting together race – or draw a cool picture and then cut it into a jigsaw puzzle for someone in your family – or mail it to someone special!
May 19 K Kindness Day – draw a pic/write a note for a neighbor or do something kind for them.
May 20 L Laugh Out Loud Day- learn a funny joke and share it with your teacher/class.
May 21 M Mitzvah Day – get ready for Mitzvah week next week by doing something extra nice for someone else…just to make them smile!
May 22 N Nature Day – go on a nature walk or scavenger hunt.
May 26 O Obstacle Course Day – create an obstacle course for your family to try.
May 27 P PJ Day!! Stay in your PJs all day.
May 28 Q QUIET Day…whisper all day! – (your parents will thank you!)
June 1 R Recycling Day – look in your recycle bin and make a cool creation from the items you find!
June 2 S Sing your favorite song! Record it and send it to your teacher.
June 3 T Telephone a friend from your class to see how they are doing!!!
June 4 U USA Day- wear red, white and blue to support our country and all we are doing to help each other stay healthy!
June 5 V Voila! Learn magic tricks and try them out with your family.
June 8 W Water day – get outside and play with some water.
June 9 X X-Ray day – go outside and have someone trace your body. Then add in your bones to make it look like an x-ray.
June 10 Y Yum – try a food you’ve never eaten and then tell us what it was and how it tasted on your blog or on Seesaw.
June 11 Z Have a ZOOM celebration to say goodbye for the year.




I have missed you so much and I can’t stand being apart any longer. I want to spend the rest of the year with you and share all of your adventures. So here I am, Flat Geveret Dowling. I’m so excited to share meals, read stories together, go along on bike rides, watch movies, help you with schoolwork, play with your pets, help you with your chores, learn new games, build forts, have sleepovers, hang out with your family, create projects, laugh together, jump on trampolines, and so much more. I am easy to move around and can fit into some pretty small spaces so we can do amazing things as a team. We are going to have so much fun together!!!!

Maybe your parents can take pictures of us once in a while, or we can do some selfies, showing us having fun together. Then, we can post them for the class to see all of the things we are dreaming up.

I am so excited! Let the fun begin!

Love, Flat Geveret Dowling

Stanley’s Adventures

Stanley just returned from visiting Ruby’s Aunt Jorie in Santa Cruz, California.  He had an amazing adventure! He traveled, gardened, enjoyed eating and cooking delicious foods, learned the history, met lots of interesting pets. played hockey, got to know so many nice people and so much more.  Aunt Jorie definitely spoiled him!  Please take a look at the website below to learn more interesting details and see some great photos.

Flat Stanley – Ruby Tuesday Henrickson – Santa Cruz CA

Exciting Connection!

Today, I assigned the story The Water Princess as the reading assignment. I wanted to highlight a variety of issues facing our world each day this week as we prepare to celebrate Earth Day.  Today’s focus was water.  Susan Verde wrote this book based on the life of Georgie Badiel and the challenges she faced every day to get clean water while growing up in west Africa.  Georgie Badiel is now a model, author, and actress living in Manhattan and has a foundation that is working to supply fresh water to communities in Africa. The Georgie Badiel Foundation believes that all human beings have the right to available clean drinking water, sanitation facilities and education. They are committed to building, restoring and maintaining wells, as well as providing sanitation facilities in Burkina Faso and neighboring  African countries. By helping to provide fresh water, they enable millions of women and children to get an education and contribute to their communities, instead of spending the majority of their time traveling long-distances to fetch water.

We have an amazing connection to this text and Georgie Badiel. I discovered that Georgie Badiel and her husband Chid are Presley’s godparents and close family friends. Chid, Georgie’s husband, met Presley’s dad in high school at Nicolet. Their friendship remained strong and Adam and Chid created the first fair trade garment factory in Liberia. Adam and Katrina were with Chid and Georgie when they married and have continued to share holidays, birthdays and special events over the years.  Chid’s mother and brother still live in area, so Georgie and Chid travel to Milwaukee frequently. 

Georgie and I are working on finding a time for her to share her story during Zoom.  It will be such a wonderful learning experience to hear her life story and the wonderful things her foundation is doing to bring clean water to Africa. I will keep you posted as you may want to join us as well.

Please take a look at the following videos to gain a better understanding of Georgie and the wonderful work that is being done in Africa through her foundation.



Preview YouTube video “Giving Water is Giving Life”


Stanley’s World Wide Adventures

Friends, while we are all staying at home, Stanley is off traveling the world.  Stanley was recently spotted visiting Ronnie’s cousin in Israel, enjoying some bike riding with Tali’s family friends in Australia and feeling ultra soft and comfortable with Elana’s grandparents in Arizona. If you have heard from Stanley and can share some of his adventures, please let me know.  Thank you.