Caring Kids

Your children have embraced the whole concept of Beads of Courage.  We worked together to make an interesting, informative bulletin board, they have their unique Courage Clips proudly attached to their belongings, have drawn lively, colorful images for Art Cards and are creating beautiful beads to be sent along with the cards.  They were so excited to tell the whole school about Beads of Courage over the loudspeaker and had fun going from class to class to ask everyone be a part of this program by drawing their own pictures on Art Cards. They have truly displayed empathy and leadership. I am proud to be their teacher!


Sam – Football Expert

We all enjoyed Sam’s expertise on football. He has been playing for a few years.  Last fall, he was on the Minnesota Vikings team (not his favorite) and he shared a video showcasing his skills. Sam attended football camp during the summer with 3 Green Bay Packers and got to see their Super Bowl rings and a Hall of Fame ring. A special t-shirt has their autographs on it. We can all learn from his knowledge on a variety of sports.

In addition to sharing his expertise, we also got to celebrate his birthday today.  Happy Birthday, Sam!


We continue to use the engineering design process to learn and apply skills regarding submersibles.  Lots of questions are being asked.  We have been learning about volume, density and mass and how they affect sinking and floating.  Today, we experimented with a variety of vials containing different amounts of sand, plastic beads and glass marbles. The vials were all the same size and had the same volume. The types of materials inside the vials and the mass of the materials were different. The density was different.  They collected data and recorded their results. (Did it sink, float at the water line, float somewhere in between?) This information is crucial to the design challenge the students will undertake as they create their own submersibles.

The following are some observations from today

-When the same amount of material is placed in a larger volume, the density increases.

-When mass stays the same and volume increases, density decreases.

-Neither mass nor volume alone determine whether an object sinks or floats. Rather, density(which is a combination of mass and volume) is the determining factor

-An object with a larger volume will be able to support  more mass before it sinks.

It is exciting to hear their thinking.

Exploring Our World – Brazil


During collaboration time with our first grade friends this week, the kids had an opportunity to hear firsthand about transportation in Brazil.  Eliana, who was an au pair for Sam’s family, lives in Brazil and is sending us information to enrich our study.  The children came up with interesting questions that I will forward to her.  We are grateful to have this connection.  We also received information from our “Little Passport” company that provided us with other insights.

The kids decided on topics that they would like to further research about Brazil and chose a group.  Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, the Amazon Rainforest, Portuguese and soccer are their focus.  They will be creating a huge display in the Innovation room to share their learning.


Beads of Courage

The second graders are learning about Beads of Courage and will be helping their MJDS friends become aware of this wonderful organization.  Beads of Courage helps children, with serious illness,  record, tell and own their stories using colorful beads as symbols of courage and hope along their treatment journey. Founded 11 years ago, Beads of Courage now partners with over 240 children’s hospitals in the United States, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom and Japan.

The kids and I each made a courage clip to be a constant reminder that we care about children who are fighting for their lives. Each bead on our clip is unique and holds special significance.

We will be creating beads that we will send to Beads of Courage headquarters. These beads will then be sent out to children in the program to share the joy of them being discharged from the hospital.

Art cards are also an important part of Beads of Courage.  We will make special drawings for these cards and encourage everyone at MJDS to use their creative talents as well. Our art cards will be sent along with the beads we created.  The cards will be sent out to lift the spirits of those who are sick and remind them that they are not alone.

Like beads on a string, we are all connected. Together, we can make a difference.

Field Trip coming up!

2nd grade is excited to go to Sarah Chudnow next Friday, January 18th. This year, our inter-generational programs include lunch! We will be provided with a kid friendly, kosher lunch and we will get to eat alongside the residents at the facility.  We hope this will help the students create lasting memories of doing this mitzvah and more importantly, we hope this will make the residents day and put a smile on their faces. Please be in touch with Gev. Kleiman if you have any questions.