T’filla Reflection

In t’filla this unit we learn about amidah and how to add music to the t’filla. we tried to find a tune to the prayers in the amidah, each group on one prayer. my group, me and oren, choose the prayer that ends in ‘harotze teshoova’ (who wants teshoova) (הרוצה בתשובה). our prayer talks about keva (קבע), teshoova and about to bring us back to god and to the torah. we choose it because we want to do something that talk about bring back and teshuva.

Scientific Explanation Based on Experiment

I know that the amount of worms affect the dead plant and the dirt because in the 3rd day, in the jar with 4 worms, the raspberry get smaller and there was less dirt. This means that if there more worms, it effect the dead plant and I think that the worms eat the dirt (whatever the worms have grown). In the 5th day, also, the raspberry get smaller and there was even less dirt, and the worms grows.


Golf Ball Challenge

I think it was interesting to work on the same challenge twice. We had the opportunity to draw conclusions from the last time and know what needs to change. I thought this time I would attend more, and really I attended more; However, Jake did most of the work. I don’t think I want to deal with past challenges because we have already done them and sometimes we have already shown the solutions. Perhaps the next lesson will be a better challenge than the challenges of the past.

First Chicken Plan

My research helped me design the program. He also helped me know where to find the best chicken meringue program. I don’t think I need to search anymore because the site I found provides all the information (so it is very long). I think it gave me all the understanding of chicken ankle because it’s a lot of steps and time (and the time to read the entire site). I will try to hear everyone and anyone who does not hear the ideas I will say no and ask that he put the idea into practice. I think they will use my plan because it’s very detailed

Update on Math Tutorial

Last week, we had the chance to give each other feedback on our tutorials. Based on the feedback I got, if I were to do this tutorial again this is what I would do differently.

I would participate in the video. Not just a part-time job like making signs with question marks, but actually participating, like explaining and writing. I plead guilty to me, I did not try to attend. True, they did not offer me to attend, but I did not offer myself to attend and did not try to argue. If you come next time I will be required to attend the video!

ETC Challenges

I think I getting better in listen. I opened to new ideas and realized that maybe if it seemed like my plan would work, others might be right too. You might be right too, but maybe the other programs are simpler, or better, or something else. You can still feel that your plan is better, but participate. Who knows, maybe they will switch to your program in the middle 🙂

book of Jonah- jewish studies- the holidays

I chose the of Jonah because tow reasons: One, I not learn about it in Israel. Tow, it was suitable for the period.  I did not know that in the book of Jonah there is the parable about the plant. I very enjoy to do the slide. Now I finally know all of Jonah’s book and know what they read because on Yom Kippur I missed reading.


5/6 Retreat

I had a lot of fun doing the social team building games. The scariest thing was doing the ziplining. In my opinion, the third training ziplining was the scariest, even though it was not the biggest, because it was on the edge and swinging. Precisely, when I was on the exit to the zipline, I was not afraid, but as I watched others do so, I was afraid. I came up on the tower from which the ziplining came out I thought I couldn’t do it but Gev. Lehman (emphasis) convinced me and in the end it was fun (I screamed).

ETC Challenges

It was challenging to build the tower and think of good ideas. We had a good time working in the team because we got along. I enjoyed building the tower and realizing that we were almost successful. It was very (very) frustrating to realize that we were not successful even though we were really close.