Second Grade – Repairing Together

MJDS is lucky enough to partner with Repairing Together, a nationally-recognized organization, developed by MJDS alumni parent Elsien Crawford, which is focused on kindness, respect, community and tikkun olam (repairing the world). Repairing Together offers students from diverse backgrounds opportunities to engage with the outside world, to connect meaningfully with each other and to work together to repair and give back to their local community.

For the past year, seventh and eighth graders at MJDS have been participating in regular programming with two local Milwaukee schools: Bruce Guadalupe Community School and Milwaukee College Prep. Today, our second grade class took part in their first Repairing Together program.

They traveled to Arts@Large where they met one of the five second grade classes from Bruce Guadalupe Community School. Although students from both schools initially clung to friends in their respective classes, they quickly let their guard down and found themselves sharing information about themselves and their own schools. They played theater games and created a beautiful art project together. Upon returning to MJDS, our students gathered together and shared their meaningful reflections of their morning all of which were centered on our three core values at MJDS: wonder, empathy and tikkun olam.

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