A Physical and Mental Challenge

Last week the MJDS eighth grade class embarked on their annual bike trip. As a former MJDS student myself, I remember practicing with my class and then getting on our bikes as a group and riding in a two-day challenge to Madison.

Now, over 25 years later, the eighth graders are still taking part in this bike trip, practicing with each other weekly to build up their endurance, for the ultimate 90 miles ride. Last week all their hard work had finally paid off and they climbed on their bikes on an early Sunday morning and set out for Rainbow Day Camp in Fredonia. The students spent the night at Rainbow together and then got up early the next day to get back on their bikes and bike back to MJDS where all the students, staff and eighth grade families would be eagerly waiting their return, welcoming them with cheers and applause.

This bike trip tests their endurance and physical and mental toughness. Ariana, one of the eighth graders said, “It was a mental and physical challenge, but at the same time, so much fun!”

Sophie echoed a similar sentiment, “It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  When else will we be able to say we biked 90 miles? It was truly a learning experience; we learned how to really talk to each other and rely on each other.”

While this trip definitely strengthened the bond between the students, many of whom have been together since kindergarten, the parents also came together to support each other and each other’s children. Many of these parents rode either one or both ways alongside the eighth graders and were their biggest cheerleaders at the finish line. The trust and community that the eighth students and parents have for one another other is MJDS, in every class, every year.

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