Building Confidence and Empathy

Last week the seventh grade class at MJDS came together and showed that their bond goes beyond just being classmates. The week started with auditions for the upcoming school musical, High School Musical, and the seventh graders gathered as a group to try out. Despite competing for the same roles, the students supported and cheered on their peers.  The vulnerability these students displayed inspired their peers to express themselves with confidence and develop a mutual feeling of empathy within the group.

At the end of the week, these students traveled to Devil’s Lake State Park to hike and rock climb as a group. For some, the activity was accomplished with ease, but for others, it was both a physical and mental challenge. The seventh graders applauded each other on as they climbed and lent hands to one another.

These two activities are part of the weekly life of an MJDS student, and exemplify the empathy, community and confidence building that is MJDS.

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