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March 3, 2020
by hnelles24

Jacob’s Dream

We listened to Jacob’s dream in Jewish Studies and this is what happened.

1. What is Jacob’s Hebrew name?יעקב is his name.

2. Why was Jacob leaving? (2 Reasons) Jacob is leaving because Esau wanted to kill him. Jacob is leaving because his mom told him to

3. What happened in Jacob’s dream? Angels came down on a ladder. The angels told him his descendants will be as numerous as the stars. It also said his parents

4. Why is this dream important? Angels are super important. The rock he was sleeping on might have been part of the temple.

That is my summary of Jacob’s dream.

February 27, 2020
by hnelles24

Global Experience: Part 2

We finished Global Experience yesterday. I think it was fun these are my exact details. 

What was the best thing about Global and the work leading up to it?  My group made what we tried to make and the presentation was good. The work leading up to it was not the easiest because we did not agree on everything but I think it ended up good.                                                          

What is the best thing about student-driven learning? The best thing about it was that our teachers didn’t tell us to do, we got to chose what we wanted to do.

I think this was the best Global Experience ever.


February 26, 2020
by hnelles24

My Editorial

Men and Women Should get paid the same:

Do you think men and women should get paid the same? If so, this article is for you. I’m going to teach you all about the pay gaps. In fact did you know that even though the U.S. women’s soccer team is so much better but they still get paid so much less than men. If you read this article I bet you will think men and women should get paid the same.

 The biggest pay gap is in basketball. The pay gap between men and women in basketball is outrageous. First keep in mind that these were the salaries in 2018. I’ll give you how much men get paid but first drumroll please… Men got paid 4.5 million dollars. Now drumroll again… Women got paid 70,000 dollars. That is so much less money than what men get paid and WNBA players work really hard but it’s just like they do it for nothing.

 I’m also sad about the pay gap in soccer because it is also pretty bad . But I still have to talk about it. The U.S. men got paid 207,831 dollars and the U.S. women got paid 30,000 dollars, which is still a pretty big pay gap. Women are so much better in this sport so they should get paid more but they don’t. Even though they have more world cup wins and more Olympic gold medals.

 The thing that is the craziest to me is that they do the same sport but the men get paid so much more money. It’s like men get paid more than a million dollars for being on TV, and women get paid so much less money for doing the same thing on TV. Women play also

 Now we are going to get to a good sport. Women get paid more than men. That sport is tennis. In tennis, women got paid 345,000 dollars and the men get paid 260,000 dollars. This was also in 2018, but now men get paid more than women in tennis. I’m not just saying that I want men to get paid less than women, I’m just saying I want them to get paid the same. Some people think that men should get paid more because they are stronger or more popular or they work harder. But I think that women work just as hard and can be just as strong or just as popular. They can even be better.

I hope you have learned a lot from this article and I hope I’ve educated you a lot on this topic.

February 25, 2020
by hnelles24
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Global Experience

Yesterday for Global Exerience we visited Senior Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten. Senior Kindergarten learned about Jewish Families and where everyone in the class came from and what Jewish Families do. Junior Kindergarten studied about refugees and what they would do to help refugees. The Juniors also got to meet some refugees which I think is really cool. In Senior Kindergarten it was cool to see them do their presentation and at one station you got to make an art project of your family and house. In Senior Kindergarten I learned that a family is a family and it doesn’t matter where you are from. When I was at Senior I liked that the kids read the lines and they looked good. When I was at Junior Kindergarten they showed us what stuff that did for Global Experience. The Juniors also wrote their one word goal on little hats. I learned that refugees have to leave their town because their is a mean leader in it. I liked that at the end we got to read the Juniors books. I think Global Experience was really fun yesterday.

February 20, 2020
by hnelles24

Parsha Toldot

In Parsha Toldot there is a lot of fighting. It is the Parsha where Jacab tricks Esau into giving him his birthright. Jacob also gets the special blessing and Esau want to kill Jacob. Today we watched a video about Parsha Toldot and it had all this stuff in it, we also have to chose a question about the Parsha and my first question is… Why does Issac favor one son and Rebecca the other? Issac favors Esau because he loves Esau’s love of hunting. Issac also loves all the meat Esau brings home after he hunts. Rebecca favors Jacob because he is calm and she loves him more. I don’t think that is the best reason but it still is one. My next question is… Have you ever experienced being the favored of less-favored child? I have not experienced being the favored of less-favored sister because my parents just treat us mostly the same except for what time we go to bed where we get to go and lots of other things. Now for my last question which is… Why do you think this happens and how does it feel? I don’t think it will feel the best but they both have a parent who loves them and I think that it is fair that they both have a parent who loves them. I think I got a really good understanding on this Parsha.

February 14, 2020
by hnelles24

A Wrinkle in TIme

Today we went to First Stage and saw A Wrinkle in Time. I think it wasn’t as good as the movie but it was still good. At some points when they were tessering it got really dark but it wasn’t that scary. Sometimes it was a little boring but then it got more interesting. I almost cried when everyone was back as a family again. I don’t think it was my favorite play at First Stage but it wasn’t my least favorite. I think all in all it was not a horrible play. Good Job First Stage.

February 10, 2020
by hnelles24
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Tu Bishvat

Today in Jewish Studies, we learned about Tu Bishvat, the birthday of the trees. The Jews in India celebrate a holiday like Tu Bishvat but it is called Malida. The holiday is called Malida because it means to mix and you have rice in the holiday of Malida. You also eat a lot of fruit on Malida. Some people put the fruit in their rice. The rice isn’t just regular rice it is sweet rice. To make the rice you put in coconut then you mix, then you put in sugar then you mix, then you put in more coconut and then you mix and so on and so on. I think Malida is a pretty cool holiday. If you try doing it I hope you like it.

February 6, 2020
by hnelles24
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Hercules SWBST

For readers workshop we have been watching Hercules to do a summary about it and I’m going to do one about Hercules. I’m going to do a different kind of summary and it is called a SWBST which means Somebody Wanted But So Then.

Somebody: Hercules

Hercules character traits: Strong: Hercules is strong because he can lift really heavy things. Caring: Hercules is caring because when Meg died Hercules brought her back to life. Not the best Listener: Hercules is not the best listener because when Phil told Hercules that Meg was working for Hades Hercules did not listen. Doesn’t always fit in: Hercules doesn’t always fit in when he was younger because most kids his age aren’t that strong.

Wanted: Hercules wanted to be normal.

But: Hercules had superstrength so he always did something wrong.

So: Whenever he tried to help anyone he knocked something down.

Then: When he actually became a G-D he was sad.


February 3, 2020
by hnelles24

My opinion on the Caste System

My opinion is that they should never use the caste system because it is so unfair. The caste system is what level you are at in life. Let’s say I am Brahman and I do everything good. Then I’m in the highest caste and all my kids get to be in the Brahman caste. Now let’s say I do everything wrong. Then I’m an Untouchable and all my kids will be as low as me.  The lowest class is really bad because you don’t even get to go to school and school is so much fun. If I was a dalit in India and I wanted to be a docter I wouldn’t get to because of what caste I’m in. I have a question for you: would you rather have a docter who is actually a good doctor or would you have a doctor that gets to be a doctor because they’re more powerful. I would rather have a doctor that is a better doctor. I think that the dalit kids and all the dalits should at least get to live in the towns instead of the dump. They don’t actually live in the dump but that is probably what it feels like. I don’t get why they used to have a broom behind him wherever they walked because the higher caste people did not want to touch their footprints because they thought it was like a disease. Guess what they are people also and they have no disease. The caste system is sort of like how whites treated African Americans in the Civil Rights Movement.

I hope you help make the change because anyone can.

January 21, 2020
by hnelles24

March on Washington

Hi I’m a 20 year old worker in Washington D.C. It has been hard getting a job. I have never been to a civil rights demonstration but I’ve watched a couple on my television. I think I would go to the March one Washington because I already live there and I think it would be a good experience. I think it would be a good experience because it could help me understand what it is like to be African American. I hope I change some laws.  

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