Review of Number the Stars

For Jewish Studies remote learning we read a book about a girl in the holocaust who does a lot to help send her Jewish friend to Sweden I am going to answer some questions about the book.

What is the most important lesson to learn from Number the Stars?                                                                 The most important lesson to learn from Number the Stars, is that you would/should do anything for your friends. I think this, because in the book, Annemarie Johansen (the main character: a 10 year old girl who has to save her best friend, Ellen from the Nazis) helps Ellen, even though she is scared, and could get caught.

Do you think that Number the Stars has anything to teach us about the protests going on right now?      I think that it teaches us, that if we fight for what is right, then, even if it takes a while, then things can and will change. I know this because World War 2 ended, and even though it was terrible for the Jews, and many others, it ended.

If you had advice for someone reading Number the Stars next year, what would it be?                                   I would tell them to think about how brave Annemarie was and how lucky we are, to not have to be worried about Nazis.


A Poem About me Sacrificing for the Greater Good

Here is my poem:

Well, you ask me what I have to sacrifice this week? Okay, here it is;

I have not been able to go to school. That is not what I  would do if I could make things go my way.

I have to stay at home and do almost nothing (other than working and relaxing). NOT boring. But not that fun either.

I work then I work then I work then  play then I work then I work then I work then I eat then I work then I work then I work then I work then I work then I eat then I sleep (not really).

Then, if you think about it LONG and HARD, you would find out that there is not much else that I have had to sacrifice this week other than staying away from people.

For me, I think that I am pretty lucky. I don’t have to sacrifice much. I have a home and there people to take care of me, and I have things that I can use to get work done. Anyhow, what do you have to sacrifice during this time?

How is my poem???? Do you like it? Do you????

My Own Personal Mishkan

For Jewish Studies we had to make out own personal mishkan. If you don’t know what a mishkan is, its the special place where the Jews could connect to G-d  that was made while the Jews were walking through the desert. I made mine in the bottom bunk of my loft bunk bed. It has my favorite stuffed animals, it has pictures of family and friends on the wall, it has little lights around my bed that make it feel more at home, it has my two favorite books, and a picture from my favorite trip that my family has taken. Here is a video of me showing it to you:


Problem and Solution Text Structure

We are learning about nonfiction text structures in ELA. Today we focused on Problem & Solution. After reading a problem and solution example, I wrote my own. Here it is:

I have a BIG problem to share. There is a princess stuck in a tower and she can’t get out! What should I do!? Ooh! I do have a few ideas.

  • I could get a REALLY tall ladder and she could climb down.
  • The police could bring a huge padded trampoline and she could jump out the window and she could jump onto it.
  • We could look closer and see if there are ANY ways for her to get out.
  • We could get a hot air balloon and she could ride down to the ground in the hot air balloon.

I guess that I could get this princess out of the tower! YAY!

She does not have long enough hair to climb down.

Musical Tefilah

For upper school tefilah, we had a choice of which tefilah we did for the semester. I chose to do musical tefilah. In musical tefilah, we took a part of the Amidah and make our own tune, showing some Kavana (the meaning and how you think about the prayer). We used the main part of the Amidah for our tune. I liked doing this though it was hard to do. It made me think that you don’t always have to do the original songs and tunes during Tefilah. I hope that I can try this again another time so that I can learn more.

Scientific Explanation Based on Experiment

Mold grows better on raspberries in room temperatures.

On day 1, there was no mold in the room temperature jar. On day 3, there was a small amount of mold. On day 8, there was a ton of mold. A little bit was yellow and the rest was whitish gray. This means that mold grows best in moist areas, warm but not hot temperatures, and with nutrients. The stuff we had such as a: warm room, a good amount of water (60 mL) and raspberries, helped mold grow. According to our observations, the temperature stayed at 2 celsius the entire experiment and by the end, it was about 65 percent covered in mold. Also, temperatures are very important to growing mold and mold needs certain temperatures to grow. This all shows that mold grows better on raspberries in room temperatures.

Before the Chicken

In Social Studies, we are working on making and revising our plans for mummifying chickens. We have been working on this for a while now and we are finishing up our group/final plans. First we did research. Next we made our own plans and then our partner plans and finally our group plans. I think that if we did not do all of this that we would not be very prepared. I think that going through making all those plans helped us know other people’s ideas and helped us have a clearer idea of what to do when mummifying. I am glad that we are working with a group because otherwise I would be doing literally EVERYTHING wrong. I am really excited to start this project on Monday.

First Chicken Plan

In Social Studies we are working on our plan for mummifying chickens. My plan has what materials I need and the order of how I am planning to do it. This is how it looks.

Step 1: How can you use the information you found in your research to help you during the mummification process? 


You can use it because you can find the materials and stuff from your research, for your plan. 


Step 2: Individual Plan! What is your step by step plan for mummifying the chicken? Be specific, and take your time.


Procedure  Materials (Include Amount/Units)
Find your materials  


Wash the chicken You need your chicken and some gloves.
Put the store-bought chicken on a baking sheet Gloves
Take out the intestines Gloves the baking sheet
Put the salt on and in the chicken Gloves and salt and the baking sheet
Let the chicken dry out  Plastic bag and gloves
Cut strips in the fabric/linen/ Scissors  

You’ll wrap the chicken in gauze/linen/fabric strips. To create the perfect strips to put around the chicken, you thin some regular classroom glue with warm water, until it drips evenly from a spoon.
Gauze/linen/fabric strips

Elmers glue

Warm water


Dip the strips in the glue and water mixture

Glue and water mixture


Glue and water mixture


Glue and water mixture

Let the chicken and strips dry Chicken

When I get my group I will modify my plan.

Golf Ball Challenge

This week in ETC, we did a challenge called The Golf Ball Challenge. We had to build a container that would catch a golf ball, dropped down from 7-ish feet. Our materials were 12 straws and 18 inches of tape. In our group, at the beginning we were a little off task. In the end we made something but it didn’t work. Today we did that challenge again so that we would get another try. We were on task the whole time. We made something that worked. It was a structure that was just some straws on the ground made into a weird looking shape. The ball dropped into the shape and stayed. We found out that if you make lots of space for the ball to drop, it will stay inside the shape/ container. If I were to do it again, I would want more straws to make the shape/container larger.