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March 3, 2020
by edorf24

Jacobs Dream

What is Jacob’s Hebrew name? Yacov.

2. Why was Jacob leaving so he wont get killed. He got he’s birthright.

3. What happened in Jacob’s dream? He saw an angel and he climes a ladder.

4. Why is this dream important? He saw a angel and talk to god and saw heaven.

February 27, 2020
by edorf24

Global Experience

What was the best thing about global and the work leading up to it? My script and my Kahoot  they both turned out good and my partner was very good we both agreed about the stuff we did.

What was the most challenging thing? Setting up because everyone kept taking are chairs and moving them to there places.

February 26, 2020
by edorf24

My Editorial

Have you ever heard of the benefits of video games? Get ready to learn them! Did you know if you play Call Of Duty it can help with night vision. This is one of the reasons video games can be good for you. 


 Video games help your brain process. It helps your brain process because there are lots of things happening on the screen. Video games help you process emotions. It helps you release your anger. You’ll have faster reflexes from playing certain games. 


Video games help hand eye coordination by looking at the screen and your hand on the controller is moving. You can multitask and you can be stronger with your hands.


Playing online and talking boost social skills. It boosts social skills because you have to talk to other players. It makes you have happy emotions being talkative and helps  you have a better social life.


Video games help a imaginenation. You’ll have a better mindset and be ready to learn. Video games aren’t real and help you imagine different things. 


You can go blind by playing up close in the dark. You can be violent, if you play too much and you’ll be lazy and not do anything.  But not all video games are violent. If you are worried about getting violent, play games that do not have lots of fighting.  


In conclusion, not all video games are bad there are some bad ones but there are some goods to.



February 25, 2020
by edorf24

Global Experience

We are doing a program were we have a country and transform are room to a topics of place. I recently visited junior  and senior and they learned about families and refuges. Seniors  did families junior  did refuge and learned about immigration, different types of family,family trees and  refuge.

February 20, 2020
by edorf24

Torah And Me

  1. Why does Isaac favor one son and Rebecca the other? Because Rebecca likes that he’s an indoor person and Esau a outdoor person.Have you ever experienced being the favored or less-favored child? 

    yes because i got something that he did’t and he got mad.Why do you think this happens and how does it feel? it feels  and when i’m not Favorited  I feel bad

February 14, 2020
by edorf24

A Wrinkle in Time Play

I liked the play.It was very funny because of the character Ms Whats. They were trying to find their dad and reunite. I also liked the plot. I think that the way she talked was really funny. “It” had a weird  voice because it was a boy. I recommend the play

February 6, 2020
by edorf24


Somebody Hercules

Wanted to be a god

But Hades tried to take his powers away

So he tried to be a hero

Then he saved Meg and got god powers back.


Character traits for Hercules:

Strong because he lifted a car and beat a whole bunch of monsters. He is also nice and kind because he wanted someone else to be alive in place of himself.

Caring because cares about other people besides him.  He cares about Meg and was willing to not be a god to be with her.

February 3, 2020
by edorf24

Opinion Piece On Caste System

In my opinion, it’s not fair how the lower caste get treated verses how  the higher class gets treated. There should not be categories for how to be treated.  The lower caste does not have what they need. For example, they do not have enough food to eat. How do they get food, how do they get jobs, how do they learn, why don’t they get the same stuff? Why don’t they get treated the same as the higher caste system?

The lower caste barely gets any education.  


Reason 1 they don’t get as much food as the higher caste.  

Reason 2 the lower caste doesn’t get what they need.

Reason 3 the lower caste lives in slums while the higher caste gets nice rooms and buildings.

It’s bad because they don’t get treated the same as the higher. I am against the Caste System.

January 7, 2020
by edorf24

My Goal

My goal is sportsmanship.

Why did I pick it? Because I’m little tough in games and get mad in them.

What do I need to do to achieve my goal? To play it off  and not get as mad.

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