Guest post – Hanna B. – Song Leader Boot Camp

Hi. I am an 8th grade student at MJDS and am grateful for the opportunity to recently experience an amazing Jewish spiritual leadership program through my school.

Song Leader Boot Camp (SLBC) provides powerful Jewish leadership training for a wide variety of song leaders from around the world. My favorite part of SLBC was Saturday morning Pesukei D’Zimrah and Shacharit. I chose to go to a more traditional service because that’s what I personally prefer. At the service, we said many prayers I know and recognize but there were many new tunes to me. I loved it. I also got to focus on everyone’s voices around me because there were no instruments. It’s so beautiful to hear all the harmonies and the voices of people who are happy to be praying at that very moment. Also, there was so much energy at the service. Even the most traditional tunes like classic Amidah or Adon Olam became fun. I was dancing in my seat and smiling just to normal Amidah. It was beautiful, rare, and life changing. In my personal prayer practice, I want to remember the connection to myself and G-D that I felt. There are times when I at home I don’t feel much of a connection to G-D or myself through prayer but at SLBC I did. I want to be able to feel that amazing connection again. I am beyond thankful to have gone to SLBC and the Ramah Shabbaton and hope I can attend next year.

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