5th Grade – Shannah Tova

Dear 5th Grade families,

This week we learned about male and female form. We practiced it in “All about me” writing assignment. The students described themselves, using the vocabulary we learned  in the right form (male/ female). 

In addition we learned about Rosh Hashana holiday and wrote Shanna Tova cards. 



Some example of “All about me” writing assignment. 


We made a special surprise for you.

Thank you to Adon Kaufman, Adon Salinsky and the 7th Graders who helped us to make it. 



L’shana Tova,

Gev. Ishak

3rd Grade – Shannah Tova

Dear 3rd Grade families,

This week we studied about Rosh Hashana, and talked about its meaning, what we eat, say and write on this special day. 

We wrote Shannah Tova cards and practiced Hebrew writing, created Rosh Hashana memory game and played Kahoot. 





We also made a surprise for you, that will get home next week… 

Thank you to Adon Kaufman, Adon Salinsky and the 7th Graders who helped us to make it. 


L’shana tova,

Gev. Ishak

Connecting with Israel

Since 8th graders trip to  Israel was canceled, we surprised them in zoom with the Shin shin and Former classmates – the Shlichot daughters, Neta Zehavi and Stav Weishbauss.

It was exciting and interesting to see Omer’s Kibutz next to the Kinneret, and learn about  Neta and Stav’s experience during the Corona days in Israel. 






Gev. Ishak

Yom HaShoa


This is my grandfather, Reuven Cohen. He is 90 and he is a holocaust survivor.

Today we honor the heroism of survivors and commemorate the six millions Jews, who perished in the Holocaust.

In Hebrew we learned the word , זוכרת/זוכר – remember, and talked about our commitment and oath to remember and never forget what happened in the Shoa.

Please watch this presentation of 6-8th grade students. Presentation


Gev. Ishak



Purim is one of the most fun holidays.

In 5th grade we learnt how to use infinitives in Hebrew and every student wrote what he likes to do on Purim :I like to read the Megilah –  אני אוהב לקרוא במגילת אסתר

I like to eat hamentasch, אני אוהב לאכול אזני המן

I like to wear costumes… אני אוהב להתחפש.






Image result for happy purim


Gev. Ishak




Celebrating Tu Bishavt

Today we celebrated To Bishvat in Hebrew class. We made a fruit salad together (Thank you for sending the fruits!), played Kahoot and talked about the metaphor of fruit salad as a multi cultural and accepting society; Just like in fruit salad, we can maintain our identity while being a part of a community based on variety of identities.



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Gev. Ishak