What is School Like For Me Now?

Well, the answer to that question is: I have a schedule. I wake up around six o’clock in the morning. Come downstairs to my computer, then I watch TV until 8. After that, I do Ela first, then Social Studies, Math, Science, Hebrew, and lastly Jewish Studies.  After I am done with all my school work I try not to let myself feel sad and angry about the world’s current events. then, the rest of my day is pretty calm. I do what needs to be done and after that, I have free time.  I feel that school is a little easier with fewer distractions but it also leaves me in a state of boredom that is challenging to overcome. The one good thing about school is that there is always something to laugh about and it seems that laughter has left me.

SBC #3 Picture Prompts

A long time ago, before the “save the trees” movement wasn’t so popular there were cars and roads. A lot has changed between now and then. There are no longer roads, cars, technology. They were abandoned by the people that created them, leaving remnants that won’t last long after their discovery. Due to the laws passed about destroying those pieces of tech that hurt so many. No more pain and sorrow. Or so everyone thought.

SBC #3

Hello, as you may or may not know there are copyrights on most of the pictures you take from the internet. This can lead to bad situations for you and your family. But, there are websites and pictures on google images that do not have a copyright claim. These websites include Unsplash, Pixabay, Pexels, PhotosforClass, and others. All of these websites provide nice, unclaimed photos that you can use for whatever you want.

How to Comment

Hello, commenting is a very important thing. It lets the author know that you liked their post. So when you comment you should make it in-depth and thoughtful. You should start with dear, so and so. Then, you write your actual comment. After that, you conclude with sincerely, so and so. Be sure to make your comment reflect your personality and your thoughts.

Civic Engagement

  • What forms does civic participation come in? You can really do anything. You can, protest, write an email, use social platforms, and much more. 
  • Why does civic engagement matter? Without civic engagement, the change wouldn’t happen. Also, people wouldn’t have their stories and opinions heard, and lets the people in the government or people with actual power make an impact on the situation.

Jewish Studies #2

2) Interview someone who is sacrificing for the greater good. Ask them what they are doing to help during this time (this can be a nurse, doctor, someone who works with older folks, someone who works in a grocery store, a Rabbi, a teacher, etc.) Please prepare in advance before you call them. Have at least 3 questions ready and take notes while you talk. Blog about who you interviewed and the answers that were given to your questions. A question might be: what does your day look like when you go to work? How are you protecting yourself from the virus? How are you feeling about your work?

I asked my father, who is a nurse, what a regular day at work looks like. He said “I care for patients. Between looking at notes and caring for patients. I do both.”

I asked my father how are you protecting yourself from the virus. He said ” Washing my hands many times, wearing masks when in contact with patients, and using a lot of hand sanitizer.”


3) Write a letter to someone who is currently working to help during this time (ER nurse, doctor). Send it to Gev. Honigman, she will print them and get them to the nurses and doctors.

Dear father,

I am really proud of you. I am so honored to have a father and mother that cares for the lives of the American citizen. I can’t believe I have parents that save lives for a living. Your job seems easy but I know it’s not. I get that your job is challenging and I apologize for my rudeness. I should be more considerate of your feelings after you come home.



Jewish Studies Work for Thursday

For my Mishkan, I would make it in my basement. I would do it here because on Shabbos we sometimes go down there just to talk about how things are going with school and things like that. I would try and make a somewhat decent representation of the 2nd temples Mishkan.

That is a picture of what I would like my centerpiece to look like. I want a small bread holder that can hold at least four loaves for my family. I think this would make shabbos special because it was part of the Mishkan and was really important to the Jewish people. I would make it out of gold like the original one in the temple.

Raised Garden Bed

1. What is a raised garden bed? A raised garden bed is just like a normal garden bed but raised off the ground. This stops certain animals and natural disasters from ruining your crops.
2. Why should we build a raised garden bed at our school? It is a super simple idea and we as a class could make it look nice.
3. What should we not build a raised garden bed at our school? It only takes a few hours to build them and we need something to do for social studies.

Stone Raised Bed
4. Explain why you like this raised garden bed and what makes it best.   I like it because it makes the garden look nice and it also provides a decent amount of space for the crops to grow and flourish.

About Me

My name is Yosef. I live in the united states. I like tanks, sports, and video games. I am 13 years old. I am left-handed.  My favorite food is fajitas. My favorite color is green. My favorite book is Winger by Andrew A. Smith.

Who I am as an Avatar

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  2. Explain in 2 sentences what your Avatar is. My avatar is an ok representation of me. I couldn’t get all the features right but I think it looks like me a little bit. 
  3. Explain in 2 sentences what superpower your Avatar has/should have. My avatar would be able to fly. I chose that power because it would be very useful in my day to day life. 
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