LCarrillo Editorial School Should Start Later

Fourth grade students just finished our editorial unit.  Students will be posting their editorials on their blogs.  Here is one students editorial about why school should start later!


Why School Should Start Later

 you ever gone to school without brushing your teeth because you woke up late? This morning I woke up late and I didn’t have time to eat a good breakfast. I also forgot to brush my teeth. 😷 One of the important things happening every day is that kids are not getting enough sleep and grades are going down.


 According to doctors kids need 10-13 hours of sleep. If school starts too early, students don’t get enough sleep. You need lots of sleep to stay healthy. When you get 10-13 hours of sleep, students can remember what information students learn. Starting school later can help students learn, and help them participate.Grades increase because they get more sleep. students may have more energy.


Also they are so tired that Students can be bullied since they are tired saying things at the wrong time. Kids can get higher grades when school starts later. According to Dr. De La Iglesia, students that get more sleep have higher grades.    


Some people say that kids need more time in school  to learn. If parents want their kid to learn more, they can sign them up for after school programs. In after school programs, they can learn reading, get homework help and be social. 


If school starts later they will have a good time eating their breakfast. To be able to do their homework without help. Students remember what they learned and get higher grades especially for high school. 

3 thoughts on “LCarrillo Editorial School Should Start Later

  1. Hi Lily,
    You have some really well-thought-out reasons for starting school later, especially if it improves our health and learning. Teachers and staff may also like this arrangement. Perhaps you will be successful at helping to make changes someday in our school schedule.
    Thanks for the editorial.
    Gev. S-G

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