Morning Work- What is the Same? What is Different?

In the comments section answer these two questions in complete sentences?

What is at least one thing that same about these two pictures?

What is at least one thing that is different?

23 thoughts on “Morning Work- What is the Same? What is Different?

  1. They are both balls. They both have 20 balls.
    The soccer balls are in groups of 4 and the basketballs are in groups of 5.

  2. each of the pictures have 20 balls
    one of the pictures has soccer balls and one has basketballs

  3. they are both balls they both equal 20 what is different? they are arranged differently they are different balls.

  4. The difference is they are different kind of ball. The same is there is the same amount of balls

  5. The things that are the same about it are they both equal 20. They both have balls in the picture. The things that are different about it is they equal 20 different ways.

  6. Two things similar are that each of them has twenty balls and that there are balls in each of them. Two things different are that one has soccer balls and the other has basketballs and that in one there are four groups of five and in the other, there are five groups of four.

  7. They both have the same number of balls.
    One has soccer balls, one has basket balls.
    with the basket balls, there are 4 groups of 5. (4×5)
    with the soccer balls, there are 5 groups of 4. (5×4)
    WAHOO AM I RIGHT FELLERS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!???!?!?

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