Our new I can statements for reading nonfiction in Third Grade

I can….



  • Show how the main idea is supported by details in the text.
  • Describe historical events, scientific ideas, or steps in procedures using words to show the sequence.
  • Ask and answer questions to show I understand information I am reading.
  • Describe cause and effect in historical events, scientific ideas or steps in procedures.
  • Describe how the sentence in paragraphs in nonfiction follow a logical sequence.
  • Tell the difference between what I think and what the author writes.
  • Use text features and search tools to find information quickly.
  • Find the main idea of the information I read.



New Math Unit starting Monday

I can statements unit 5 math


  1. I can recognize perimeter and area as attributes of plane figures and find ways to measure both attributes


  1. I can investigate the relationship between area and perimeter.


  1. I can solve real world problems involving area, perimeter and unknown side lengths.


  1. I can compare unit fractions and compare fractions with either the same numerator or same denominator.


  1. I can find equivalent fractions