State Floats-what’s next??

Students will be finishing up their state floats this week.

They will show off the floats on Dec. 10 at the end of the day:)

If you have a wagon at home that your child can bring in on Dec. 9, please send it in (if it is not too much of a hassle). Otherwise, we will use the scooters in the gym:)

Our next unit of study will be India (for Folk Fair)–more information to come!

If you have any stories, artifacts or information you can send in for India, we would love it!!!

Next Week

I will be out of town next week.

The kids will be with fourth grade (Gev. Denny).

If you should have any questions, I will still have access to email or you can email Gev. Denny at

The kids will be working on tall tales (reading, discussing and writing their own) and designing a restaurant with fourth grade in math! They will be involved in many math activities that will increase their multiplication and division speed! Their schedule will otherwise remain the same:)


I am so proud of the kids!

They had a convince me session for their unit 2 math tests and they rocked it!!!

In this unit, the students completed the remaining multiplications and solved two-step word problems involving multiples of ten!

Look for the test in the Friday Folder!

Out sick:(

I am staying home tomorrow: (–unfortunately I am still feeling pretty sick.

Lani has all of the lesson plans, and will be able to teach both 3rd and 4th tomorrow. Kids will be in good hands!

Feel free to email me if you need anything!

Guinea pigs

We finally found our new class pets! If anyone wants to pet sit during long breaks, let me know! I would love to, but I’m not sure how well my other animals in the home will do with them! I’ll be calling the owner this week to discuss when will be the best time for them to come to MJDS!