Book club results are in….

Yesterday, third and fourth graders spent the afternoon previewing seven books. From there, they were able to choose their top three choices. Find out which book club your child is in! We have a few extra books for you to read along (except for The Last Kids on Earth) with your child. We encourage you to check out these books from the library. Our plan is to invite parents in two times to have a “book talk” with your child!

Inside Out and Back Again-Thanhha Lai

The Secret Zoo-Bryan Chick

Jonah and Noah G.

Deva and Peyton

A Wrinkle in Time-the graphic novel- Madeline L’Engle


Brown Girl Dreaming-Jacqueline Woodson


The Last Kids on Earth-Max Brallier

Noah F


Anne of Green Gables-a graphic novel-Mariah Marsden



Third Grade Families:

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wonderful holiday gift…most importantly, THANK YOU for being supportive, thoughtful and caring! It is an absolute pleasure to teach these kiddos!

I wish you a peaceful, healthy, and enjoyable winter break!

What is Happening in Math

For the past week, we have been working diligently on solving multi digit addition problems and discussing solution methods. One way of doing this is by using a proof drawing (see pictures below). Be sure to read your child’s blog to see what they think of it!

We have also worked on estimating sums and differences and estimating to decide if an answer is reasonable. Finally, we have worked on rounding numbers to the nearest ten or hundred. Throw a few numbers at your kid and ask them to round for you!! The extra practice is important!

Guest Blog!

HAPPY HANUKKAH!! For this week third and fourth grade are together. They are doing really good with there reader’s binder’s and notebooks. We will be lighting the second candle of the menorah and we are going to say the blessings for the second day of Hanukkah! We are going to the innovation hub or the Maker space to get closer to finishing the students science projects I can’t wait for us to start social studies. We are now doing a word of the week so we have to say the word in Hebrew and we started last week and are doing good at it some students have been reminding each other. Most of third and fourth grade are almost finished with book club projects and we will present them soon. In havdallah we got a complements from other teachers for how well we were singing and not talking to each other. We are going to continue lighting the menorah candles. Happy Hanukkah to all!!

By cgaines and ngoldenberg.


We have been busy, busy, busy in third grade! Find out what we have been learning:

We have been focusing on using strategies to represent two-step word problems. We continue to work on practicing count-bys, multiplications and divisions. Yesterday, we focused on developing strategies for multiplying a one digit number by a multiple of ten. Finally, we have worked on understanding the order of operations and how to write and evaluate expressions.
We will review all of this material tomorrow and Thursday and complete our Unit 2 math test on Friday.
Our next unit will focus on multi digit addition and subtraction. Look for a letter about this in the next few weeks in your child’s Friday Folder.

Nonfiction Writing/Reading:
Students have been doing a wonderful job of explaining and locating types of nonfiction and elements of nonfiction. Soon, students will work on developing a topic with facts, definitions, and concrete details.
During reading, students will read a variety of nonfiction, including reference, literary nonfiction, and biography. They will use their knowledge of this genre, text structure and text features to support understanding. Students will be using two resources during independent read to understand nonfiction text features and to track their reading to make sure they are practicing multiple strategies to make them stronger readers

Science/Social Studies:
We are just about done with our science unit! We are finishing up building our instruments and will present them next week to the classes. This was a great unit! The kids loved the hands-on activities and have a deeper understanding of how sound works!

Towards the end of next week, we will open up our social studies topic on Old Milwaukee. We will begin with comparing and contrasting Milwaukee then and now. We will start with a KWL chart and an overview on how Milwaukee came to be.

A few other notes:
-We enjoy practicing cursive and learning so much about the study of words during SWI! Both are practiced a few times throughout each week!
-We continue to plug away at learning our computer skills on Wednesdays and enjoy our time in the library on Thursdays!
-We are just about done completing our Book Club projects and are getting eager to delve into our new books! We will let you know what your child picks so you can also read along! The second round of book club will be structured differently than the first. It will be more student-owned. They will each take on a leadership role during the book club sessions.
-This month for our awareness topic we really focused on Veterans. Students attended an assembly on Honor Flights and met a Veteran (Adon Kaufman’s grandfather). We wrote thank you cards to Veterans as well.
-The money we raised for breast cancer was given to the American Cancer Society. Thank you all for your help!

Finally, a HUGE thank you for my bat-mitzvah!;) I felt so special and cannot thank you all enough for being so thoughtful!!

Resources to help your child in math

As you know, we are practicing two-step word problems. Students are deciding which operation or operations to use.
Today, students used the following resources to help them understand and explain how to solve the problems. Please use these tools at home as well! Remind them to CUBE when they are unclear how to set up and solve a two-step word problem.

Have them refer to the operation posters when they are unsure which operation to use.

Finally, have them justify their answer to you!

Repairing Together Part 2

Today we went to First Stage to learn about Ruby Bridges. The staff at First Stage were incredible!

With our partner schools, the students were able to act about the parts of the book and discuss character traits. When we returned to school, I asked a series of questions to the class:

  1. Why do you think the program is called “Repairing Together?”
  2. What do you know about the kids from the other schools?
  3. How are the kids the same as you? How are they different?
  4. Do you know where the schools are located?
  5. Is Milwaukee a segregated city? What does that mean?
  6. Why is learning about history important for the future?
  7. What does the world tolerance mean?
  8. Why is important to learn about people that may be different than you?

I would encourage you to discuss these questions at home! The kids had a lot to say, but still have many questions!