We learned so much during our first big project of the year.  My biggest take aways are that everything takes longer than I think it will and that 1st grade is an incredibly creative group.  They worked hard, were supportive of each other, and asked amazingly thoughtful questions all along the way. I don’t know why Jonah thought he could run away from God in the first place (as we sing with Gev. Cohen, “God is everywhere God is one. . . “), or what God sounded like to Jonah, but I do feel confident that when our class director wins her first Oscar someday we will all remember her true directorial debut!  Check out your child’s blog in the next few days for behind the scenes interviews with their puppets.

FYI: S.H made an awesome puppet and did act in one scene as the whale who ate Jonah.  However she was not available with her puppet at final filming.  We are hoping to add her in the credits ASAP!