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A Prayer for Being Open to Change

Every Monday morning at our staff huddle (even now from a distance) I share a prayer for the week.  Sometimes it is from traditional liturgy, sometimes I write it myself, but I always try to use it to set some… Continue Reading →

This Year’s Seder Will Certainly Be Different

All over my Facebook feed this week I kept reading, “YOU ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE A SHVACH* SEDER (* = weak, pathetic)” (see below) and I have to say, it is really what I needed to hear.  Passover has always… Continue Reading →

This week’s parsha: Wise – Hearts when we need them

This week’s Torah Portion is a double one called Vayak’hel – Pekudei.  It is full of relevant stuff – it starts with an explanation of Shabbat, centers on the Israelite’s building the mishkan (a portable place for God to dwell… Continue Reading →

Now what makes Shabbat feel special?

My family works hard to make Shabbat a special time.  We almost always make a special meal on Friday night (or at least put our pizza on special plates!).  We very regularly invite friends and relatives over to make it… Continue Reading →

My Strength in the Current Chaos

I’m sitting at my computer right now rushing through this blog post before my daughter wakes up from her nap. I am feeling the pressure! My routine is gone for the time being.  My way of doing most things has… Continue Reading →

First Grade – Thanks

Our first grade class is talking about gratitude.  Today we raced through our siddur (prayer book) looking for the words “thanks” and “gratitude” in English.  Out of 95 pages, we found those words more than 20 pages.  We also wondered,… Continue Reading →

2nd Grade Jonah Puppet Show

Check out the puppet show created by our 2nd grade class.  Please ask your child why they chose to make their puppet look the way it does, how their character felt in the scene they acted out, and what they… Continue Reading →

Student Led Conferences

When you stop by for secular studies conferences, don’t forget to stop in for a Jewish Studies updated too!  I’ll be in my classroom on Tuesday and Wednesday ready for your child to show you what they’ve been working on… Continue Reading →

1st Grade Jonah Play

We learned so much during our first big project of the year.  My biggest take aways are that everything takes longer than I think it will and that 1st grade is an incredibly creative group.  They worked hard, were supportive… Continue Reading →

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