Hanukkah foods.

Chanukah foods are foods cooked in oil.   1: Crispy Potato Latkes You can serve sour cream, applesauce or both with the nice wore crispy potato latkes. They are a nice treat to have a Chanukah good to eat when guests are with you for Chanukah. Recipe: Crispy potato latkes   2: Cinnamon-Sugared Doughnut Holes With… Continue Reading Hanukkah foods.

What i am thankful for.

1. I am thankful for Chanukah because of presents. 2. I am thankful for challah because it tastes good 3. I am thankful for my family because some people don’t have family and I should be thankful to have a family. 4. I am thankful for not being kosher because I love some of the nonkosher food. 65 clothes to… Continue Reading What i am thankful for.

Why do We wear kippot.

Kippot are used differently because people have different customs.   In orthodox communities only men wear kippot and they wear them at all times. In other communities people have the choice to wear kippot. And in some communities women are invited to wear kippot.    Kippot symbolizes that G-D is watching us. This is important… Continue Reading Why do We wear kippot.