Mindfulness with Upper School

Post by Gev. Wolfe, Jr Kindergarten teacher…and resident mindfulness teacher, taken from her “Today in Kindergarten” blog.   “…give us understanding in our hearts to listen, learn, and teach.” – Ahavat Olam In addition to spending my school day with your beautiful JrK children, for the last quarter I have led a mindfulness class during… Continue Reading Mindfulness with Upper School

100 Days, 100 Blessings

As we celebrated the 100th day of school, we decided to get tefillah in on the themed activities, and we studied a relevant text from Talmud. Menachot 43b:48-50 It was taught, “Rabbi Meir used to say, ‘A person must make one hundred blessings each day, as it is stated (Deuteronomy 10:12), “And now Israel, what… Continue Reading 100 Days, 100 Blessings

Tefillah Video Reflection – Hillel and Shammai

What is this video about? What makes an argument “for the sake of heaven” According to this video, what makes something a disagreement for the sake of heaven? There are 4 interpretations: 1. Hillel and Shammi were still friends even though they argued 2. They had a reason to win besides for the sake of… Continue Reading Tefillah Video Reflection – Hillel and Shammai

Talking about God

In God Talk, we are exploring many different ideas about God.  In this class period, I was inspired while sitting in Yom Kippur services, so we looked at the Yom Kippur prayer Ki Anu Amecha (We are Your people.)  We discussed the translation of the prayer, the different lines we liked, the ones that made… Continue Reading Talking about God