The What If Game

Everyone plays the what if game. What if pizza was never created? What if the pilgrims never came to America? What if Hitler had finished off the Jews during the holocaust? But today I am sharing another what if with you. What if this whole G-d thing with Abraham and Sarah and all the prophets is a bunch of lies? Now before you go and yell at me for saying that, let me explain my reasoning. There are dozens of religions that exist right now with people following them. Let’s say one of them is correct, does that mean all other religions are a joke? How¬† were they created if they are full of false information? Then which one is correct? So many question marks just waiting to be turned into periods. Also, if there really is one correct religion, how would the other religions react. Another very possible answer is that none of them are correct. All those miracles each religion believed their God(s) did, what if they were all either done by science or not done at all?

The problem is, whenever I think about it I get a headache so I guess these questions will stay unanswered until someone can come up with some proof. So for now, science is my god.

One thought on “The What If Game

  1. I agree with you, Maybe the “god” we know and these “miracles” we did were pure coincidence. and until I can remember anything in the past century or so have been answered by science.

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