The Hanukkah-Sukkot connection

According to, there is actually a connection between Hanukkah and Sukkot. At the time of the Hanukkah story, Sukkot was going on. They ended up postponing the Sukkot celebration in order to fight the Greeks.

Okay, now that you’ve finished reading the first paragraph, go and read it again. Then take 1 minute to think about it.  Then, when you are done, do it again.

All done? Good. Now, what were you thinking about? Were you thinking about how wrong it might have felt to be spending your Sukkot celebration late? Or how they could stand doing something besides celebrating Sukkot on the time of Sukkot?

So what happened was the Greeks banned the Jews from celebrating any of their holidays. “So when did the Jews celebrate Hanukkah?” you ask me. Well, if you haven’t made the connection yet, let me give you some assistance. How many days did that little drop of oil burn the menorah? 8, right? Well, how many days does Sukkot take? 8! So maybe Sukkot took place on those first 8 days the Menorah was burnt.

And that, my fellow blog readers, is why there is a connection between Hanukkah and Sukkot.

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