My Tefilah elective

If I had my own Tefilah elective it would be, Israel tech.

This elective would be learning about Israel’s technology and trying to make a prototype of one. This would be productive because we would be learning the tech of our holy land. One of the projects I would use would be to try to code the ReWalk. The ReWalk is a robotic leg attachment that helps humans walk. The ReWalk has 3 modes one is Sit one is Stand and one is Walk. The ReWalk is one of the most famous inventions from Israel. I find the ReWalk interesting because it is a genius invention and it can be super helps people with paralyzed or bad legs walk. This could also solve some problems with the complaints of “Its costs too much” and “Its so heavy”.

One thought on “My Tefilah elective

  1. I love your elective idea. How can you make this idea into a personal learning journey? As adults, we take up hobbies to maintain our curiosity. Maybe you can make this a hobby and become an expert on all things Israel Tech. This could also help you make some $$$ as many Israeli tech companies become publicly traded and you could talk with your family about buying stock in some of these companies.

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