The great debate of Hillel and Shamai

One of the more famous arguments of Hillel and Shammai was the one about the order in which we should light the candles of Hanukkah. Hillel suggested that we should increase candles each day, while Shammai argued that we should take away candles each day of the holiday. Obviously, Hillel’s suggestion is the one we… Continue Reading The great debate of Hillel and Shamai

Dreidel 101

    Dreidel is a game that is custom to play during Hanukkah. There are two types of dreidels: one with נ (nun),ג‎ (gimmel)‎, ה (hay), ש‎ (shin) is the dreidel you use anywhere in the world besides Israel. The letters mean a great miracle happened there. In Israel, it’s נ(nun),ג(gimmel)‎, ה(hay)‎, פ(pay) which means a… Continue Reading Dreidel 101

Hanukkah foods.

Chanukah foods are foods cooked in oil.   1: Crispy Potato Latkes You can serve sour cream, applesauce or both with the nice wore crispy potato latkes. They are a nice treat to have a Chanukah good to eat when guests are with you for Chanukah. Recipe: Crispy potato latkes   2: Cinnamon-Sugared Doughnut Holes With… Continue Reading Hanukkah foods.

The Hanukkah-Sukkot connection

According to, there is actually a connection between Hanukkah and Sukkot. At the time of the Hanukkah story, Sukkot was going on. They ended up postponing the Sukkot celebration in order to fight the Greeks. Okay, now that you’ve finished reading the first paragraph, go and read it again. Then take 1 minute to… Continue Reading The Hanukkah-Sukkot connection

The Story of Hanukkah

A lot of people know about Hannukah, but do they know the story of Hannukah? The Greeks came to Jerusalem following their king Antiochus. The Greeks didn’t let the Jews do anything that was related to Judaism. If you were caught doing something “Jewish”, you could be hung, killed sent to jail or be beaten up.… Continue Reading The Story of Hanukkah

What I’m Thankful for… (from a Jewish standpoint)

The title says it all! Here are my top 10 things that I am thankful for: 10. A good school to go to. Definitely a Jewish thing considering that I go to a Jewish school. 9. Food While it may not necessarily be a Jewish thing you can’t make an I’m thankful for list without… Continue Reading What I’m Thankful for… (from a Jewish standpoint)

My beliefs (Angels and Demons. God and Satan.)

In case if you didn’t see in the title, I believe in God and Satan. For some people who don’t know who Satan is, he has many names.  The most common name for him is the devil. One of the reasons I believe in them is because I believe that for every good thing comes… Continue Reading My beliefs (Angels and Demons. God and Satan.)