We’re here!

We had a blast on the plane together, Bree’s first plane ride ever! We have our luggage loaded in the shuttle on the way to the hotel with Wendy and the rest of us our off to the city museum, yummy kosher Kohn’s deli in tow!

Dreidel 101

    Dreidel is a game that is custom to play during Hanukkah. There are two types of dreidels: one with נ (nun),ג‎ (gimmel)‎, ה (hay), ש‎ (shin) is the dreidel you use anywhere in the world besides Israel. The letters mean a great miracle happened there. In Israel, it’s נ(nun),ג(gimmel)‎, ה(hay)‎, פ(pay) which means a… Continue Reading Dreidel 101

Hanukkah foods.

Chanukah foods are foods cooked in oil.   1: Crispy Potato Latkes You can serve sour cream, applesauce or both with the nice wore crispy potato latkes. They are a nice treat to have a Chanukah good to eat when guests are with you for Chanukah. Recipe: Crispy potato latkes   2: Cinnamon-Sugared Doughnut Holes With… Continue Reading Hanukkah foods.

The What If Game

Everyone plays the what if game. What if pizza was never created? What if the pilgrims never came to America? What if Hitler had finished off the Jews during the holocaust? But today I am sharing another what if with you. What if this whole G-d thing with Abraham and Sarah and all the prophets… Continue Reading The What If Game

The Story of Hanukkah

A lot of people know about Hannukah, but do they know the story of Hannukah? The Greeks came to Jerusalem following their king Antiochus. The Greeks didn’t let the Jews do anything that was related to Judaism. If you were caught doing something “Jewish”, you could be hung, killed sent to jail or be beaten up.… Continue Reading The Story of Hanukkah