What is school like now for you/compared to before

What is school like now for you/compared to before

Before we went to a physical building with our classmates, now we all stay home and connect digitally with our classmates. Before we all used to eat lunch together in the cafeteria, now we do zoom calls during lunch to keep in touch. Before we used to do work in class and then get homework, now we only get homework.

Story of the Piggy

Once upon a time, there was a piggy, he had a very simple life, lots of hay and an endless supply of veggies. But today that was all about to change. It was time to clean the cage and chocolate chip the guinea pig was not having it, he jumped out of her hands and ran for the hills. Once Chocolate chip stopped running, he realized that he was lost. It was dark and there was no hay in sight. Meanwhile, pig mom was getting nervous, she couldn’t find chocolate chip anywhere. She searched for hours until finally she turned over the couch and there was chocolate chip. Chocolate chip sighed in relief as pig mom picked him up. Pig mom placed him back in his clean enclosure. Chocolate chip ran right over to the hay and began to gobble is down, he was so hungry! There had been no food in sight for over 35 minutes! The end


Blogs I read

My first post – my avatar

I learned that the girl from this blog really likes the color purple, and would love to have purple eyes.
She also has shoulder-length brown hair


I learned that her name is Olive, she has long blonde wavy hair and she has green eyes. She also likes playing football and watching sports.


I learned that Gabrielle has traveled to 15 different countries, he also enjoys playing the violin and reading in his free time



Israel Story

My podcast was about a “Rabbi” in Baghdad and his life. His Family didn’t immigrate with the rest of the Jews because his father wanted to stay put so his family became integrated into society but still held on to their Jewish roots. He went to a Jewish school until it closed (caused more integration into society) and he learned Hebrew by listening to his father’s tapes and trying to imitate what he heard. After Israel won the war, the Rabbai (Emad?) worked his way up in rankings and became “Rabbi”. He tried to imitate Jewish traditions, and due to being away from modern Jewish society for so long, he wasn’t being exposed to modern Jewish society so he adapted the old traditions to make them his own. His Father later decided it would be time to move the family to Israel because the synagogues were closing and there were no Jewish women to marry “there was nothing for us” so they moved and lost touch with their friends from Iraq.

Short: The Last “Rabbi” of Baghdad – A Thanksgiving Special

My Favorite Movie

1. What is your favorite movie? Chicago
2. Why do you like the movie so much? I like this movie because it has really catchy music/dance numbers. I also like the plotline
3. When you are watching the movie, how do you feel? I feel enticed by the dance numbers and I usually want to sing along. I also connect with the characters. 
4. What would be an example of the literary aspects within this film? The  colors in the movie, Roxie is often seen in white because she is trying to convince everyone that she is good while Velma is often seen in black because everyone knows that she was guilty



My Soapbox speech topic I’m interested in is Animal cosmetic testing

I am really interested in this topic because I love animals and I want to make people aware of this kind of cruelty

I could really use some help learning more about which brands use animal testing

Dear President Roosevelt

Dear President Roosevelt,

Hi, my name is Sarah, I  live in California and I feel compelled to bring this issue to your attention. Currently, there are 906 jews floating in a boat on the ocean. They are people just like you and just like me. Except, they are being denied a country to live in.  These jews should be let into America because they are unfairly being hunted by nazis and they can do good work in America. We have found 36 synagogues that are willing to take in these immigrants, clothe them, feed them and help them find work. These jews are also not criminals and will support and enforce the law of the USA. I feel horrible that people’s shops and houses were destroyed just because they were Jewish. I feel that it is our duty, morally and physically to let them in. Other countries have also agreed to allow children into the USA and other countries have offered temporary visas until the war is over. I hope you will listen to reason and save these people.



Capstone Interview Reflection

I interviewed my grandmother. I learned that we share similar customs and that most people don’t have answers to these type of questions off the top of their head. I was surprised that my grandmother actually had a decent amount of Jewish customs that she enjoyed. My interview helped me realized how much my opinions are similar to my grandmothers.

The Nuremberg Laws

The purpose of the Nuremberg laws was to take away citizen rights of jews and make jews seem less superior. The laws were also instated slowly over the course of a few months. These laws made germans superior and gave germans lots of privileges that jews and some others did not have. The laws also made jews and others a minority in Germany and less important than the group. Germans would also feel more important then jews and other groups, Jews, on the other hand, would feel weaker and less important.