How To Comment

  1. Find the button that says reply or comment
  2. Start your comment with a clear intoduction like “Hi” or “hello”, and then introduce yourself
  3. Then explain what you liked or would take away from the persons blog

Favorite Movie

1. What is your favorite movie.

My favorite movie is Dirty Dancing
2. Why do you like the movie so much?

I love the setting, music, and characters.
3. When you are watching the movie, how do you feel?

I feel infatuated with the movie.
4. What would be an example of the literary aspects within this film?

Kellermans Resort, Johnny and Baby, Time of my life song


In this podcast you hear a brother and a sister talk about how they are different, relating to religion, and how because they disagree, it kinda brings them closer. The woman says that they have to learn from each other, and the world needs different points of views for things to work. She says that she accepts all Jews, and even some non-orthodox Jews follow mitzvot maybe even better than her. The woman says that because shes orthodox, it brings her family closer. She says family challenges bring everybody together. Shes happy that her children are open with many types of Judaism.

About Me

  1. You first name: Shira

  2. Your approximate location (even just state or country): Wisconsin

  3. Your age or grade level: 8th

  4. What activity you like doing most on Sunday morning (appropriate): Sleeping in

  5. What super power you would like to have and why: Flying because I could fly around and see beautiful things.

  6. Explaining if you would rather be a wizard or a super hero: I guess a wizard because then I just could make mean people nice

  7. Your favorite song right now and why!: See you again, I don’t know why I like it.

  8. Three fun facts about yourself: I have an older brother and a younger brother, I used to dye my hair a lot, and I’m half Irish.

  9. What your blog is all about. Tell us what you’ll be writing about: I’ll be writing about school.

Who am I as an Avatar

My avatar is a cartoon to make look like me. I have a kind of annoyed face because a lot of the time I’m annoyed at people or just school. If me or my avatar could have a super power it would be the ability to fly, because if I could fly I could see the best views. I made this on Bitmoji. 

Dear President Roosevelt

Dear President Roosevelt,

Hello, I am Shira Safer. I am Jewish and I live in Wisconsin. I am very fortunate and thankful that I live in a safe place as a Jew, but many Jews right now are not in the same conditions as I am. If I could I would make the rational and unselfish decision of letting only 906 Jewish people to come in, but I do not have the same power as you. They will use little space, and will not disrupt others. They are just the same as the other Jews in this country, and they deserve the same. I know a very wealthy philanthropist that would be more than happy to fund all the needs that these Jews need to come here.



Interview Reflection

1. Who did you interview?

I interviewed my mom.
2. What is one new thing you learned from this process?

I didn’t really learn anything.
3. Is there anything that surprised you about your interview?

Not really.
4. Did your interview(s) change you in any way? How so?

I don’t think it did.