Chapters 6-7, Book of Esther

Haman wanted to be the second in command. So, Basically, there is an evil guy who wants to kill all of the Jews in Shushan. Mordechai found out about this event and told one of Esthers Eunuchs, which told Esther, which described to the king how evil Haman is and his cruelty to the Jews in Shushan. As soon as the King found out about how evil Haman was, he started to put together the puzzle pieces on how Haman had had a 75-foot stake that Haman would have used for Mordechai, but instead, the King uses that same stake to hang Haman.

Book Of Esther, Chapters 4 & 5

In Chapter four and five, Mordechai is mourning and covered ashes and ripped rags. He is disgusted upon what Haman has brought to him. His death with and all of the Jews in Shushan will be hanged and killed. Then later, Mordechai informs Esther’s servent about how Esther needs to approach the king and takes the risk of being killed. She approaches the king and requests an invite for a wine party held by Esther. Then Esther will tell the king about the murder of the jews.

T’fila Reflection

Over the past couple of months, we learned about two words. Keva and Kavanah. Keva is the meaning of structure or fixed prayer while Kavanah is what you feel about the prayer or the meaning.

So, this tefilla we had groups that had to make a tune to a prayer in the Amidah the way we felt fit the meaning or the sound. The prayer that we chose that fit the best of both of us was redemption.

After a class or two of trying to fit a song for the tune, we found the perfect one. Mr. Blue Sky, by E.L.O.

We spent about one and a half to two weeks on getting the sounds of both Matan and I’s voices in sync.

We finally presented after our shyness and worries and went for it…  Instead of  “Mr blue sky, please tell us why you had to hide away for so long” it was in Hebrew and was a little cheesy!

We realized that those two weeks had actually paid off!

Food Web Reflection

Today our class made a foodweb with strings and pieces of paper that tell us who our predators are and what our animals were. I thought it was really cool because you could see how many connections each animal had and what kind of interactions they had. Another thing that I thought was really cool was that when one animal died it affected almost all of the other ones that have for instance Yellow Perch as a predator. I wonder if a certain animal could make a whole new food web. I thought that this was really cool and fun!

Golf Ball Challenge

In this challenge, we had to drop a golf ball from about 7.5 feet and try to use straws so it would not bounce out of the perimeter. Day 1– Today I was not that happy with what I achieved in class. I basically took over the group and gave up. I was not having the best day so I took it out on myself and did not cooperate. Next time my goal is to stay with my group so that we have an actual plan so that we don’t give up and just be happy even if we F.A.I.L. (aka- First Attempt In Learning.) Day 2- Today I am so happy with my group and me! Even though we didn’t succeed we still had a fun time and an accurate plan. This time our plan was to make a box with 1/3 of each straw and drop the Golf ball. It did not necessarily fall through so well, but we still tried our hardest and we were still happy about our plan and how good of a group we are. This challenge was so fun and I challenge you to try it yourself.


First Chicken Plan

How did your research guide your plan? It guided me in a way that if I forgot something I could just go back to it and basically just rewrite it so that I could have it in my actual plan because then I could just use it to guide me threw the process.


What information do you still need to find? I am actually done with my research and finished all of the stuff that I need to find so that I can mummify the chicken.


What new information did you find as you planned? I basically didn’t know anything about mummy’s or how you mummify something or someone.


How do you think this plan will work with your group members? I think that we all have the same plan so it will go pretty smoothly.



How can you make sure every person’s voice is heard in the group? We can each have a different role in making the mummy chicken.

ETC- 7 week reflection

I noticed that my teamwork has been a lot better independently wise. I am now good at working in groups and helping others. I think the people I have been working with are really nice and smart and we all get a part in the group. My favorite challenge was the pringles challenge because we all worked together and even though we didn’t finish we got close and kept on going.

Dissection Week

Mostly this week we dissected and learned about fish. We dissected Perch and Sea Lamprey. The perch was more thick and big while the Sea Lamprey was very long and skinny. We had about 3 female perches and 6 male. And we had 2 female Sea lampreys versus 7 males. I learned that the Sea Lamprey sucks other fish’s blood instead of eating them. I learned that Perch’s come in all shapes and sizes. (Our’s were relatively small. I first didn’t like the Sea Lamprey but as we dissected I thought it was really interesting. I wonder if the SeaLamprey and Perch get along.

5th/6th Retreat

At about 8:15 we got on the bus for an hour to Lake Geneva Canopy Tours Zip Lining. The first things we saw when we got there were 2 contemporary lodges and a 1220 foot Zipline that was 3 stories high or 60 feet high. From 9:30 to 12:00 we were split into 2 groups and about 3 teachers per group. One of the activities we tried to do was there were 2 strings and 2 people and we had to attempt to get them free without breaking them. Another activity was when we had to jump across a certain amount of space with a rope and we couldn’t touch the ground while landing on the log. At 12:00 we ate lunch and at 12:30 we had a talk about the expectations and then we got our gear on! We were split into 3 groups (I was in group one) and took a tractor with a trailer on the back to the zip line area. Before the ziplines, we had to practice taking off and on the hooks and braking. The first couple of zip lines were 50 feet then it went to 100 then to 120 and then was the jumbo big one. I am afraid of heights and falling so I had a little bit of anxiety but went for it and it was so fun and regret not wanting to go! I had so much fun with our guides, teachers and classmates and thank you so much LGCT for having us!