Student Blogging Challenge Story

This is my picture prompt story. I used a copyright-free image from creative commons. Here is the link: Osprey bird

One day there was a bird. The bird decided to go to Costco to get some toilet paper. She could not find any toilet paper so she was sad. But then she had an idea. She made toilet paper! She sold it to her bird friends and they were all happy!

Copyright Fines

For the Student Blogging Challenge I made a blog post about copyright.

According to

Copyright Infringement Penalties – Purdue University

copyright fines could be up to 150000. You have to be careful not to use copyrighted pictures!

I also drew a picture. Here it is:

Blogs I Read

The URLS of the blogs I read: What I learned: She used the same website as me to make the avatar What I learned: The different sports that different places play What I learned: She also likes making things!

How to Comment

How do I comment on other blogs?

Today, I will be showing you how in 5 easy steps!

  1. Go onto the blog and click on the speech bubble at either the top or bottom of the page (the speech bubble will be white but in the picture, it is blue to highlight it.)
  2. Click in the box that says “Leave a Reply”
  3. Write your comment! Here are some stems:   Dear __. I really liked ___. I wonder ____. Bye: (your username) . OR: Hi ___. Here is some feedback! I think you should maybe do _____. This is my blog URL: ______. Feel free to leave me feedback on my blog! -(your username)
  4. Here is an example: Hi Bob, I really liked your 100 word story! I wonder if next time you could maybe check your punctuation. My blog URL is, feel free to give me feedback! -SM21
  5. Click “Post Comment” and you are done!

I hope that helped!

Jewish Studies Poem

This is the poem that I wrote for Jewish studies. It is about the sacrifices we had o make this week because of Covid-19.

Inside all day, that’s where we are, Coronavirus will end but it seems so far. We go outside but with no one to play, and this is what we do every day. I hope one day this will all die down but until then let’s smile not frown.

Raised Garden Bed

1. What is a raised garden bed?

It is a way to grow plants on a raised bed of soil.
2. Why should we build a raised garden bed at our school?

To grow plants to donate to poor people.
3. What should we not build a raised garden bed at our school?

It might not work.

Copy and paste a photo of the prototypical (best one in your mind) design of a raised garden bed.

Image result for raised garden bed prototypical

4. Explain why you like this raised garden bed and what makes it best.

It seems pretty easy for us to make.

Who Am I As An Avatar

  1. Explain in 2 sentences what your Avatar is.

My avatar is cartooned me. It doesn’t look exactly like me but that’s ok.

  1. Explain in 2 sentences why you chose to make your Avatar what it is.

I chose to make it like that because it looks like me. I also like how the hair looks.

  1. Explain in 2 sentences what super power your Avatar has/should have.

My avatar would be able to be invisible. It would do that if someone made them mad.

  1. Include a link to the website where you created your Avatar.