Math and Art – 7th Grade

As an introduction to our new unit “ Understanding Similarity “, the students created a scale drawing. They chose an image, used mathematical skills and tools to create a grid system in order to Enlarge/Shrink an image onto another paper using a different scale factor.  Ask them how they did it.

Enjoy the amazing drawings.

Making Sense of Graph That Tell a Story – 8th Grade

During the unit of Linear Functions, one of  the representation of an equation is a graph. Graph could be a just mathematical picture of the relationship between quantities. We are trying to look at the graph and understand the story behind it– What can we tell about the numbers its represent. In addition, when analyzing a linear graph , for instance, finding the slope as a rate of change and presenting a number is not enough. We will describe in words, the meaning of the number.


Adding & Subtracting Rational Numbers – 7th Grade

In this Investigation, the students experienced adding and subtracting positive and negative rational numbers, by modeling real-world situations using different models. The most non-intuitive computation was subtracting negative numbers. For  examples : why  4 – (-2) = 6  ?

Ask your child to use the chip board model ( red & black chips ) explaining why it does make sense.

We also strength our skills using our class favorite activity – Kahoot.

Student-Owned Learning – 8th Grade

To summarize a unit of problem solving, a group of students had to design their own uniform motion problem. They had to challenge their peers, check and assess their peer solutions and present their own solution using at least 2 different strategies. We also had a peer assessment to get a feedback about the process and reflect on their own work. It was  a fascinating learning process.

Use the following links to review some of their work :

Problem 1, Problem 2, Problem 3 , Problem 4 , Problem 5








7th Grade – Interactive Activity

Since the students like interactive activities, we have decided that every student will prepare an activity once a week.  The activity will include planning, designing and has to be related to the current material or math in general.

Today, we had the first activity that was related to our first mathematical investigation – The Family Of Polygons.

I was very impressed. He did an amazing job!

Can’t wait for the next one.


7th Grade – First Investigation

During our first investigation that contained five different problems, we focused on understanding the properties of polygons that affect their shape, special relationship among angles and the properties needed to construct polygons. Summarizing the investigation, the students had to draw geometric shapes, subject to constraints, using a ruler and protractor.

6th Grade – Game Day

Once in a while, after a hard work in class, we take some time to play games which involve creativity, mathematical skills, riddles, problem solving etc. Our last game day was very productive. I had a chance to play with students that developed a new game, using a deck of cards. Although it was very challenging, we had such a great time and definitely have our skills developed.