In Jewish studies class we are talking about Joshua and his leadership to the Jewish people. In our assignment we need to talk about who is a leader to us. Personally, a great leader in my eyes is my older brother. He is very charismatic and friendly. He leads most of his friend groups and helps manage our fireteam for videogames.

Raised Garden Bed

1. What is a raised garden bed?
A raised garden bed is a normal garden but it’s put higher. The height prevents the soil from becoming too compact.
2. Why should we build a raised garden bed at our school?
We should because it’s like basic farming. I think basic farming is a skill that everyone should have.
3. What should we not build a raised garden bed at our school?
I think we could make a lot of more interesting plants using other plant things. For example, we could grow exotic fruits and veggies in a greenhouse or grow vine fruit in a hydroponic system.

Image result for what is a raised garden bed

4. Explain why you like this raised garden bed and what makes it best.
I like this one because it’s doable. We all have experience with wood because of the Sukkah project and it’s also just very cozy looking.

Who I am as an avatar

  1. Explain in 2 sentences what your Avatar is.
    My avatar is just me as a cute anime character. I like this one because it’s not like insane anime stuff it’s a simplistic cute design.
  2. Explain in 2 sentences why you chose to make your Avatar what it is.
    I, of course, put my iconic hair on him because what kind of avatar of mine wouldn’t be iconic? I also just picked the squinted eyes because it represents that I am tired.
  3. Explain in 2 sentences what super power your Avatar has/should have.
    I think my avatar has the super power “Big Brain”. It’s basically I am smart.
  4. Include a link to the website where you created your Avatar.
  5. https://charat.me/face/create/

How to help close the wage gap

1. Explain what the four factors of poverty are and how they impact one’s life.
Addictions: Cigarettes and things like that are expensive and could lead to them not affording food and stuff.  Health and Hospitals: Medical bills are very expensive for a lot of families in america
2. Explain how the cycle of poverty works.
It starts with a problem, then that problem starts to get worse, while its getting worse you have to spend money to solve that problem, eventually the money becomes too much and you get put into poverty because of the lack of money
3. How do we help people get healthy food cheaply (make sure your answer is realistic)?
Grow fresh food in green houses. Another way is getting more jobs for farming so that there is more fresh produce.
What government policy suggestions do you have?
Make more farms involved in the world.
What changes can you/we make to help?
We can make a class greenhouse like the class before us. How this is going to help is that we will donate the food for people who really need it.

Life on SNAPS

1. What is SNAPS?
SNAPS (Supplementary nutrition assistance program), provides food and proper nutrition for families in need of said food. The food is not just chips and cake but it provides the right amount of nutrition for a person needs.

2. What is the average monthly benefit for someone on SNAPS?
$132 per person. But $262 per household.

3. On average, I spend ___________ on food per week.

4. My life would be different if I were on SNAPS because….
I would be eating a lot healthier. Even though I would be eating healthier I probably wouldn’t be able to eat a lot.

Cycle of Poverty

1. What factors can lead to poverty?
Addiction, Bad job, no parents, no education, not a lot of money, bad housing, expensive medical bills. These are all potentials to lead to poverty, some more than others.

3. Which members of our society suffer most?
People with little to no money because they can’t afford good housing, food, and good medical care. They also get ignored by the government a lot.

Classroom Economy – Summary of Learning


  • As someone in this experience, tell your story.  Describe your experience. Tell us about the highs and the lows.  What were your major takeaways? What did you learn? How did you like it?  Be sure to explain your answers.


-I learned that it is not easy to be such a big role in the community.  It is hard to manage a lot of people at once. You get a lot of complaints all at once and it is frustrating to deal with.  It started off like a breeze, I was doing really well until things got a lot more stressful because I got charged with a class 1 felony.  I was not updated with my P&L statement.  


I thought the activity was fun at certain points.  It was fun when i got to do interviews for people for jobs.  I did not like it when people barraged me with complaints.



  • How did your character’s role/situation in the game affect your ability to take care of yourself?  Think about your income, job, rent, the amount of money you had, any loans you took out, and your health situation.


-It helped me because I had a lot of money. With all this money that I had, I could pay taxes and rent very easily with a lot left to spare so even if I did have a health condition I could pay it off fine without making that much of a deal with my money.



  • What aspects of your character’s life encouraged success?  What aspects of your character’s life brought about failure?  Explain how that process worked.


-What encouraged success was my paycheck because I didn’t need to worry much about my money when I was fined and needed to pay taxes, rent, ETC. What brought failure was that I was getting really busy and I couldn’t manage my P&L statement right and I got sent to jail for not having it right/lying about the money I had. So I had to stay in Kaufman’s room for lunch for 4 days and I had to pay a $2,222.22 fine.


  • What attempts did you make to improve your character’s life?  How successful were these attempts? How difficult were those attempts and why?
    -I tried to get myself out of jail by bailing myself out. It was difficult because when I was trying to talk to Kaufman, people were trying to talk to him as well, so it went unsuccessful.

  • In bullet points, write a list of what you learned about poverty from this activity.  Be sure to include a brief description next to each item about what you learned, explaining your learning/thinking.

  • Laws
    That you can get arrested instantly if your breaking a law that was made after you committed it which got me arrested in the game and was really frustrating for me.
  • Rent
    That there is more than just paying for your house and electricity, there is a lot of Taxes and utilities I did not know about.
  • Taxes
    The higher your paycheck is the more money you have to give, so I had to pay a lot in taxes because I had a lot of money in my paycheck.
  • Utilities
    Higher-ups change the price a lot and they can’t get taken away during the wintertime because then people could get frostbite and things like that.
  • Jailing
    It’s hard to get bailed from jail because it’s a lot of money and you also have to negotiate with the supreme leader.
  • Job Applications
    It is hard to pick just one person for a job when there are a lot of applicants. Also it’s hard to not seem very biased when picking just one job applicants. 
  • Healthcare
    It’s expensive for people who have serious conditions like Yosef who had hypertension and diabedes.

What it is and how Trump wants to change it.