Blogging Challenge Four

If you had three wishes, what would they be?

1.For everyone to be happy

2.For everyone to be healthy

3.For peace on earth

Commenting on Other People’s Blog Posts:

Camp Toonallook

My Comment:

Hi ,
Wow, this is so amazing! I love how you made this sound like a story! I also love the pictures in your post! Who took the pictures?
Thanks for sharing!

Community Service

My Comment:

This is so nice that your school goes to help places in need! My school also does community service. What was your favorite part of helping others while during community service?

Week 4 Blogging Challenge

My Comment:

I have to agree, I love the weekend as well! I also agree that the weekends with your family are amazing and just very relaxing. Do you get homework in school over the weekend?

Week #4 Challenge

My Comment:


That is so cool that your school has a mountain biking team! Its not exactly the same, but this past week the 8th graders at my school had a biking trip(not mountain biking but there were hills) and they biked around 95 miles! How did you get into biking? Does someone in your family do it?

2 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge Four

  1. Did anyone reply to your comments (by the way, really nice job asking questions of people)? If you did not hit the “notify me of follow up comments via e-mail,” next time I would suggest doing that because you will get an e-mail that says they responded to you!

    • Thank you for the tip! I will be sure to use that tip next time! For now, I will check to see by going to their blogs.

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