The Book of Joshua (Chapter 2) in Review

Main Characters:


-2 Jewish Spies




Joshua wanted to enter the land of Israel with the Israelites. Although, first he needed to check to make sure it was safe for the Israelites to be there, so he sent 2 spies to check. Then, the spies went and a nice woman named Rachab helped them and they were safe. 

Or, in other words:

Rachab knew the Jews were planning to take over but she feared G-d and knew they would win. So she helped them. Then they agreed not to kill her or her family.

Deeper Meanings:

Always go out of your way to help others, even if it endangers you. This is because G-d will then help you. In other words, trust in G-d’s plans and then he will have great plans for you. We know this because Rachab trusted in G-d to protect her, so she was able to protect others because of knowing that. Also, the two Jewish spies trusted in Joshua who trusted in G-d and they were safe as well. 

Real Life Examples:

Stand up for what you believe in. For example, currently in the world we are dealing with African Americans not being treated equally to White Americans. This gives us the opportunity to stand up and show what we think is right towards African Americans. For example, if you believe that African Americans should be treated equally to everyone else, maybe go out of our way to be nice to an African American when you see one and help them if they need help to show them that. Also, we are dealing with a global pandemic currently (covid-19). This as well gives us the opportunity to act and do as we think is right. For example, if you think staying home and wearing a mask and gloves when going out, the do so to show what you believe and maybe others will follow along!

Normal School vs Online School-Student Blogging Challenge #6

Today I am Going to be Sharing Some of the Differences Between Normal School vs Online School!

-In normal school we would always start at 8 am. In online school I usually start school around 10:15 am.

-In normal school we spend roughly 1 hour per day per almost every class. In normal school we spend roughly 30 minutes per day per almost every class.

-In normal school we always eat lunch at 12:50 pm. In online school I usually eat lunch around 1:30 pm or 2 pm.

-In normal school we can see everybody all day long. In online school we do zooms, facetime, and google hangouts, but isnt the same as seeing everyone in person:(


Great Leaders

My leader is my mom. This is because she is the person that I go to for advice, which I consider a leader . This is because you go to people that you can trust and that are wise for advice, and those people become your own leader, such as my mom. I think that my mom is similar to Joshua because people went to Joshua for advice because they could trust him and thought that he was wise as well.

I called up my grandma and grandpa and they think that a great leader was Moses. This is because he was selfless and determined. This leader is similar to Joshua because Joshua was also selfless and determined.

Fun with Photos-Student Blogging Challenge #3

As you may know, lots pictures we see on the internet are not available to use due to copyright. Instead, here are some ideas on how to get a picture without getting in trouble for making it copyright:

1.Create your own picture! This way you can make it exactly how you want it and are sure to not get in trouble for making it be copyright (because its yours)

2.Buy a picture from the creater of image

3.Go to creative commons zero or royalty free images and find copyright free images to use

Here is a Picture of the Image I Created:

(This is a part of my room that I love. I love it because I spend a lot of time sitting in the chair shown below doing work for school, as well as fun things such as youtube. The table has jewlery and other things such as lotion that I use quite often as well)

Can You Guess My Favorite Food Just By Pictures?

New Left EyeLarge Hat Box


Ice Chunk


Blogs I Read- Student Blogging Challenge #2 con.

Here is the First Blog I Read:

My blog avatar

I Commented:

Hey Amelia,
That is a really cute picture for an avatar! Did you take the picture or find it on the internet? I hope we can talk more! Feel free to check out my blog at !

I Learned That… a deer is a herbivore.


Here is the Second Blog I Read:

About Me


I Commented:

Hey Evelyn! Your “get to know me” post and poem are very interesting! That is so cool that your parents are from different places! Its especially cool that your mom is from Thailand because when I was in 3rd grade, my class and I studied Thailand! I hope that we can connect more as this blogging challenge continues! Feel free to check out my blog at !

I Learned That… there is a wilderness school for girls in Australia.


Here is the Third Blog I Read:

I Commented:

Hey Micha! That is a very cool avatar! What are some of your favorite subjects to learn at your new school? I hope that we can connect more throughout this blogging challenge! Feel free to check out my blog at !

I Learned That… in Malaysia they have some of the same types of clothing as us as evident by a boy from there named Micha who wears blue hoodies to school, just like us.


Dialouge for Passover Skit

Challenging Son: *in suspicious tone of voice* Hi mom

Mom: Hi David!

Challenging Son: **in suspicious tone of voice* I have a question…

Mom: Yes?!

Challenging Son: *in questioning tone of voice* Why do we do passover?

Mom: Well, it’s been a tradition for thousands of years to commemorate how G-d saved us from slavery.

Challenging Son: *in questioning tone of voice** Well yeah I know that but what’s the deep meaning behind Passover?

Mom: That is a great question…. But I don’t know the answer. Maybe ask your dad. He might know.

Challenging Son: *in disappointed  tone of voice* Okay.

(David goes to find his dad)

Dad: Hi David!

Challenging Son; *in excited tone of voice* Hi dad! I have a question for you!

Dad: Yeah! What is it!?

Challenging Son: *in questioning tone of voice* Well, what is the deep meaning behind Passover?

Dad: Well you stumped me on that one. Maybe you should ask the Rabbi?

Challenging Son: *in disappointed tone of voice* Okay.


Civic Engagement

What forms does civic participation come in? 

Being into politics. For example, being the president, govener, mayor, or a representative. Although, the majority of people arent those types of things, instead you can vote. This is because you voice your opinion when you vote because you are sharing your opinion on who you think should lead a nation/territory based on your beliefs. In addition to that, there is protesting which can help to voice many peoples opinions at once because you typically protest in groups.

Why does civic engagement matter?

It matters because it is a way to let our voice be heard so we feel that we are in an envirment where our voice is heard and honored/matters.

Poem About Sacrifices

It is hard to sacrifice something, especially when you dont know the outcome of it.

It is hard to be away from the outside world, especially when you dont know when you can return to it.

It is hard to know that people are suffereing, meanwhile you get to be at home with your family.

It is hard to know that events and trips that people have been looking forward to for a long time, have been cancelled.

Although, it is easy to know that we are all going through this together, so no one is alone in this “new world”.


Centerpiece for Shabbat

This is My Centerpiece:

My centerpiece isnt really a masterpiece and Im definately not the best artist, but I think the meaning behind the centerpiece is the most valuable. The meaning behind this centerpiece is that the heart represents loving one another, hence the words in it “love one another”. The equal sign is so post to represent that if you love one another in this hard time and all the time, there will be peace again. Peace to me doesnt mean that our world is perfect, because our world has a lot of hard work to do before that, and with everything that is going on, it will take even longer. Instead, maybe when things hopefully return to normal, we will be more grateful for things that we take for granted, and instead of thinking of all the negrtives, there will be peace in our minds and heart because we are greateful for what we do have and will be able to love one another better because of that.