Distance Learning

I learned lots of cool information this week.  I wrote a book about Flat Tail Horned  Lizards.  I learned about Thomas Edison.  He invented the lightbulb and improved the telephone.  Last I read about Sunfish and they are shy just like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was born on January 31, 1919. Jackie Robinson was one of the best players to play baseball.  He made history because he  was the first African-American to play  major league baseball.  He fought for African-Americans to become officers in the Army.   He was also great at  football, basketball and track.


The world’s fastest elevator is in Shanghai Tower in China.  Tall buildings need fast elevators.  Otis invented the first elevator in 1857.  Sometimes elevators can stop and people get stuck. Elevators are important because it would take too long to get up stairs and down if you had to walk.

Basketball Hoop

I am happy to have a basketball hoop in my room. It use  to be in the playroom. But we got a new one in the playroom so I got the old hoop. It is a good thing I got it, Because I throw balls at the walls every night.


Last week I learned about sharks. I liked listening to the book on the computer.  Sharks are a kind of fish.  A Megalodon shark’s tooth is six inches long. When a shark loses its tooth another one grows back. I wish I had a shark tooth at my house.


I love the game Madden. It is so fun because you can control all the players on your team. You can trade football cards for training coins and upgrade your players with training coins. You can switch your team in the middle of your season. My gaol is to continue to get better at Madden.

Home safari

Home safari is a zoo that teaches you about the animals.  Three animals I learned about this week are the lion, Red panda and elephant. Lions like to eat goats and rabbits.  They can swim and climb. Red pandas favorite toy is the fire hose hammock. The 3 elephants weigh 9,300, 810, and 10,500 pounds.

Home School

Home school is hard because I mis my friends. I like Home school because I get to be on freckel And raz. Home school is hard because I mis gym. Home school is hard because it is hard to stay home.  

Second grade

Gev. Holland came to us and talked about the flu and the coronavirus. We went to the carnival for Purim.  I paid for the house . I got a regular house.