Another great week

We’ve had a week full of fun, including painting the boats we are making in the mini-makerspace with Geveret Porat and planting our first seeds.  We are excited about both of these projects, and go in to check on our bean plants, which are busy germinating on our growing shelf, about every 30 minutes!  As we only planted them yesterday, they have not sprouted yet.  We wrote on our blogs about the planting process, with students typing some of their own growing words.  This class loves stories and we have been enjoying some great ones.  We’re also working on fine tuning our letter and number writing with games requiring both.  The weather is warming up and we’ve enjoyed time outside.  Please continue to send a jacket every day, as our playground can be unusually windy.  I’m sending home snow pants today. This time, Nora’s mommy, if it snows again, I guess you can blame me!  We talked about our last 26 days of school and how we will count down together.  We all agreed that we don’t want our year to end!  We quoted together from one of our favorite stories, “Oh, please don’t go!  We’ll eat you up we love you so!”  (Extra credit: Name that book!)

Shabbat Shalom from happy, kind junior k!


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