This week in junior kindergarten

It’s been a busy week in junior kindergarten.  We’ve had another great trip to the Urban Ecology Center.  This time, we met a box turtle named Emily and tasted maple sap right from the tree!  We spent some time in our makerspace, learning how to safely use screwdrivers. This requires some patience and deep concentration. We also spent a lot of time practicing and understanding The Four Questions, in prep for our Passover seders. We each made a special project that will help us remember each of these important questions.  We couldn’t take any pictures of this, because we want it to be a big surprise for you!  Of course, no week is truly complete without singing and fun at Shabbat Sing.  Another big idea we have been working on is our “Word Collectors” bulletin board in our classroom.  Each child will be blogging about this later today.  Look for those soon. Next week is very busy as we get ready to celebrate Passover with an Experiential Exodus activity, some school wide Passover programming, and, of course, our Seder on Wednesday afternoon.  In addition to all of this fun, we just found out that some of our friends who we met in January will come to school on Monday to spend the morning with us.  It will be a much smaller crowd than before and we are not planning a big breakfast as we did last time.  They will be with us from approximately 9:00- 12:45.  There is a small chance that other friends will come on Tuesday, but we’re just not sure yet.  Lastly, you will notice that I am sending home snow pants. Yes, I know… If it snows again it’s all my fault.  It looks like we will not need them at school next week (as we have not worn them to recess in a while) and they would be coming home for vacation anyway next Thursday.  I’m going out on a limb and saying that you can keep them at home.  Boots will come home for vacation, but we’ll keep those at school until then.  Friendly reminder that school dismissal for vacation is at 2:00 next Thursday. Shabbat Shalom from sunny junior kindergarten.

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