Beautiful, soulful learning is taking place in your child’s classroom.  Our unit on refugees moves forward, with a discussion this week focusing on home. What does having a home mean and how do we feel when we are home? We wondered what it must feel like to not have a home, or to be told that you have to move? Last week, we welcomed students from Riverside High School who are refugees in our community.  We played, painted, and shared lunch together.  We hope to have more time with these young women soon.  We also are in contact with a refugee family from Syria, living in Chicago.  We wrote them a letter introducing ourselves and asking some questions we were wondering about.  We are eagerly waiting for their reply.  Next Monday, January 29, we will welcome four families with young children to our classroom to spend part of the school day with us.  At this time, it looks like four moms, and approx six children, although this number could change. While we are not sure of exact times, we know they will arrive around 9:00.  We would like to share a light breakfast with our special guests.  Could we ask each family to send in one item for breakfast that day?  We could all sign up in the comments below.  In addition, anyone who is available to stay for breakfast and help make our guests feel at home is welcome!


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