“The same as us, but more crinkly.”

Today was a day full of beautiful learning in junior kindergarten.  We went on a field trip to Sarah Chudnow Community Campus. Before we left, we spoke about who we would meet, and how our new friends will be the same as us but also different. We discussed the idea of Tikkun Olam, and how our kindness would teach others how to treat new friends.  After a reminder about feeling brave enough to introduce ourselves to new friends, our kindergarten walked into the center, introducing ourselves to everyone we met, including the receptionist at the front desk, the workers at the center, and, of course, our special friends.  We shared Kabbalat Shabbat, sang songs, and made a Chanukah project together. Your children were polite, and brave, and kind, and genuine. There were hugs and smiles all around, both during our time together and as we left. I told your children that my heart was bursting with love. N reminded us truthfully that our new friends were just the same as us, only a little more crinkly. 🙂 Until the next time, new friends!

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  1. So very sweet. My mother lives at Sarah Chudnow and I hope she can meet you next time and introduce herself to you. Thank you going too see my crinkly friends too.

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