Final Jewish Studies Reflection

What is something we did this year that you think you will remember for the rest of your life?

I’m gonna remember our fun 8th-grade kab shabs and someone who’s touching someone who’s touching someone who’s touching the challah. I want to remember this because this showed how close our class is and how much we love each other. I also want to remember our fun kahoots and watching shaboom even though not many people wanted to watch it.

What is your favorite Jewish memory from your entire time at MJDS and why?

My favorite Jewish memory at MJDS is when my Torah buddies walked me down the aisle at the Simchat Torah thing and when I got to walk my Torah buddies own the aisle at Simchat Torah. This was when I was coming to school and the year my Torah Buddies came to MJDS and the year I am leaving it.

What is something you accomplished this year that you are proud of?

I’m proud of the idea I thought of for my capstone project even though I didn’t get to do it, I felt like that if I di get to do it, it would mean a lot. I also tried my very hardest in Jewish Studies and did well and I’m very proud of that.

Week 3 Task of Student Blogging Challenge: Picture Prompts

Please finish this story with your own words in the comment section:

One day my friend Hanna was not feeling so well. She decided to sit down by her locker but as she was sitting she started to feel very tired and very soon she fell asleep. She was in a very deep sleep and people were very surprised that she fell asleep she woke up to the sound of…

How does she wake up?

What happens after she wakes up?


Week 3 Task: Educate Others About Plagiarism

Plagiarism is when someone takes someone else’s work or ideas and saying that they are their own. No one should plagiarise anything because the person who’s idea it actually is would feel like they’re idea or work is not their own because someone else took on as their own.

There are many different types of plagiarism some of those types are, complete plagiarism, source-based plagiarism, direct plagiarism and more. Even if the work or idea people are plagiarising is not from some famous person they still should not do it because people’s work always matters.

Blogs I read

Favorite Movie

1.  What is your favorite movie? My favorite movie is Iron Man (2008 film)
2. Why do you like the movie so much? I like this movie because I like Marvel and I think Iron Man is the coolest superhero because of how cocky Tony Stark is and how many cool things he can di with his suit.
3. When you are watching the movie, how do you feel? When I watch this movie I feel excited because of how cool it is.
4. What would be an example of the literary aspects of this film? Some literary aspects in this film are the character Tony Stark/Iron Man, the theme of a superhero/action film and the symbol of Tony Stark’s heart/the start of Iron Man.

Podcast on Israel Story

PODCAST: Short: “Achoti”

The podcast I listened to is about Yochai Meital and his sister and how they grew up. They talk about how when they grew up they never discussed politics and what they believed in with their parents. Yochai’s sister said when she and her parents talk about things they disagree about it gets emotional both religious wise and politics. Yochai’s sister believes that the Jews as a people have to follow the commandments together because there are so many and we can’t all fulfill all the mitzvot of the commandments. She also believes that it is good to have different types of Jews because it is good to have different types of Judaism. I chose this podcast because the name is Achoti which is sister so I thought it would be interesting.

Who am I as a Avatar

My avatar is based on what I wear pretty much everyday at school. I also usually have my hair tucked behind my ear. I made my avatar like this because it matches my personality and how I dress. The gray sweatshirt is my hamilton sweatshirt which is probably my favorite sweatshirt. If my avatar had a superpower the superpower would be teleportation. I choose teleportation because I could get to places much faster.

Project Soapbox

My Soapbox speech topic I am interested in is anti-Semitism

I am really interested in this topic because I hate all the anti-Semitism that is happening in the world. I feel passionate about people being aware of anti-Semitism and knowing what is happening in the world.

I could really use some help on which specific topic to write about, about anti-Semitism.