At home, I am doing good. I am doing a lot of work. I like doing school at home. I can still talk to my friends! It is a lot of fun!    


Yesterday it was Purim.On Purim there was a carnival I got a prize it was a toy bear ! I had a fun time.


Today I went to the Audubon.At the Audubon we did a lot of fun staf.  We even saw how to make maple syrup ! we osow had a scavenger hunt  .I had a grat time.


We are erning maney .  It gos in a wolit .we made it calerfol .When we get the houses we can dekrat it! We get to have a partner.  It will be fun.

Yestrday it was 100th day.On 100th day we bib lots and lots of FUN stof . we counted difrint kinds of food in handfols  . It was fun and yummy.  


Wangari is a persin in Kenya. She  planted  30 milion trees!  tu b’shevat is the birthday of the trees. I am doing a project about her.


We are making paper mshay anmols taomoro. Min is Zebra. Gev Doling is helping make them with rsicbol mteratols. Then  evreyone is going to put some of a magzen in to a michter then we put i t on the anmol.

Maasai Jewelry

We are making maasai jewelry.Red is bravery white is peace,party blue is sky,energy green is land black is people orange is caring yellow is hospitality,animal’s skin.


We all made a piece of the timeline of Martin Luther King Junior. We made it yesterday which was the 14th. Mine is the first piece of the timeline. What he did to help pepol is he made blaks and whites be togeter.  happy birthday MLK!