Who is Joshua?

Summary: Joshua was born in 1355 BC, in the Land of Goshen. Joshua was one of the 12 spies and was also Moses assistant. When Moses died right before leading the israelites into Israel G-d asked Joshua to take the lead and lead the jews into Israel. Joshua lead the jews into Canaan and then later passed away in 1245 BC. 

Deeper meaning: The deeper meaning of this story  is help people out when they need it. Moses died and the jews needed a leader to walk them through Israel. So Joshua stept in  when asked to help and took the responsibility and lead the jews to Canaan. 


  1. Do what you want, to others. 

     2. If you want people being nice to you, be nice to them.


Student Blogging Challenge- #6

What is school like for you now? For my school we are doing online school, so we have Zoom/Google classroom classes and we use Google hangout and Google classroom to get our work. We also can contact our teachers whenever we need help. Before we would go to school from 8:00am-3:30pm and have 6 classes a day.

Leadership Character Traits and Joshua

1) Who do you think is a good leader and why? (Feel free to check out this list . I think a good leader is my grandma and my grandpa because I look up to them.

2) Call a grandparent or someone else that you feel would appreciate the call and ask them who they feel is a good leader and why? I asked my grandma and she said Governor Cuomo she said a good leader doesn’t just tell people what to do he has good form lots of people.

3) Write a blog post about leadership- include both the answers above AND how they are similar to or different that what we learned about Joshua. I think no because I don’t know Joshua so I don’t know how he feels.

Civic Engagement

What forms does civic participation come in?  There are many types of civic participation. For example individual volunteerism, community engagement efforts, organizational involvement and government work such as electoral participation.

Why does civic engagement matter? Civic engagement matters because you are helping the community.

Raised garden beds

1. What is a raised garden bed? A raised garden bed is a type of garden in which the soil is raised above the ground and is usually enclosed by a frame made of wood.

2. Why should we build a raised garden bed at our school? We should build one  because it’s a great way to create a garden that’s cheaper and more efficient.

3. What should we not build a raised garden bed at our school? We shouldn’t build a raised garden bed because we want to challenge our self’s and there are more challenging gardens that are more fun to make.

Raised Garden Bed

Who am I as an Avatar

My avitar is me because I made it look like me and it represents me. I chose to make my avatar the way is is because it looks and represents me. My avatar would have a power to turn things into jelly because then you could play with you jello water if you turn is into jelly.