Number the Stars Book

What do you think is the most important lesson to learn from Number the Stars? I think that the most important lesson would be to always follow your heart and never give up because with the soldiers Annmarie and her family never gave up and then in 2 years the war was over.

 If you had advice for someone reading Number the Stars next year, what would it be?

I would say just to READ it because it is such a good book and definitely might be one of my favorite books that I have read.

Do you think that Number the Stars has anything to teach us about the protests going on right now? If so, what?

I think that it does have something to teach us because it is saying that even with the nazis back in world war 2 it is kinda like that because the people want their own rights and the nazis were kinda like that.


The four sons


I made the wicked like “why should we have this because I think he really doesn’t care about anything I made the simple one just like “ok” because I think he always goes with the flow. Then I had the one who does not know how to ask Just with a question mark above his head. Then the smart one I thought he sorta was just like a know it all.

Interview from my mom

What are you doing during this time?

She is counseling people who are very worried about coronavirus.

How are you feeling about work?

She is glad that she is making a difference in the world.

What does her day look like when she goes to work? 

Instead of talking to people in person, she is talking to them on the phone.



Problem and Solution Text Structure

We are learning about nonfiction text structures in ELA. Today we focused on Problem & Solution. After reading a problem and solution example, I wrote my own. Here it is:

One of the most common problems out there in the world is Physical activity. Most people don’t want to do this because they don’t have anything to motivate them. So here are a few solutions to fix this. One is to just keep saying I can do this because then you will keep going. Another way is to find someone that you want to be like and then when you want to stop exercising you look at them then you will keep going.

So try to exercise more and most important HAVE FUN!!



E.T.C. Rube Golberg

What about this project went well for you? Something that went well for me was being a leader in my group even though it was hard to be one at the time. One time I was a leader was when I set it the project up and made sure everyone was having fun.  Another example was when we were making our plan I added in my teammate’s ideas with my ideas.


What about this project went well for your group?  Something that went well for my group was everyone getting along and being happy in our group.  One example of when we were happy was when we finally, finally accomplished our task. To knock a piece of gelt into someone’s hand


What would you change if you did the project again? If I wanted to changed one thing about my Rube Goldberg I think that it would be to add one or two more things to our project because it was a little short. . The thing I would put into my project would be a lever and a screw somehow because I saw another group do it and I thought that it was cool.

Jewish Studies

What is one thing I am excited to plan for the experimental exodus?  I am excited to finish my skit that my partners and I are doing.

What has been challenging as I worked on this project? Something that has been challenging is making the skit short and making it flow smoothly.

What is my favorite part about the exodus story and why? My favorite part about the exodus story is the splitting of the sea. I like that part because it has some really interesting parts of it.

Summing up The Zionist Congress

How did my project go? In my opinion I think that my presentation went well. Also I think that it was very fun. What went well? Something that went well was researching and working with my partner. What was challenging? Something that was challenging was trying to present because we had to decide who was doing what in the presentation. What have I learned about anti antisemitism? Something that I have learned about with anti antisemitism was it is very sad and it has been happening for a long time. How did the class affect the way I understand Zionism? It affected it by making me learn more about and research about Zionism.

Scientific Explanation Based on Experiamant

The more soil added makes the dead plant decompose the fastest and the quickest. According to the lab I conducted where we had one jar with 0ml of soil, one jar with 250ml of soil, and one jar with 380ml of soil. Our evidence is that on day three we saw that the plant began to decompose in the jar with 380 mL of soil and it was decomposing the fastest. The jar with 250 mL of dirt was decomposing slower than the jar with 380 mL and the petals in the jar with 0 mL of dirt were not decomposing at all.  This means that if you have a lot of dirt in one jar whatever plant you have will decompose the fastest. Another example is that on day 8 we saw that the moisture was making the plant harder to decompose. This shows that the more balance of moisture in the soil makes the soil easier to decompose the plant. It affected the plant by making the dirt moist so that it decomposed the plant quicker because when things are moist it decomposes quicker. In conclusion, the more soil you put will make the plant decompose quicker and faster and if you don’t add a lot of soil it will decompose slower.