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April 6, 2020
by nfox24

I am free

I cannot wait for the social distancing to be over.  Here is how I see myself spending the first day back to normal.  

In the morning, I walk downstairs and ask my dad to make my favorite toad in the whole egg.  That’s a fried egg that is made in a piece of toast with the hole cut out in the middle. I wash it down with a cool glass of sweet orange juice.  I am ready to start my day!!!      

Before I go to school, I play with my dog, Sasha.  We jump around the couch and play tug of war together.  Sasha gives me puppy eyes and begs for more time to play. However, I tell her,” I am sorry Hunny but I have to go to school, see you later.” I grab my backpack and jump in the car.  

In the afternoon I will have gym time with my friends.   Adon Kass will let us play sharks and minnows. Sharks and minnows is a game that involves a lot of running and dodging.  The object of the game is to run across the field without getting tagged by a shark.

The best part of my school day is going outside for recess.  At recess, I have fun playing football with my friends. I will have a lot of fun catching footballs and scoring touchdowns.  After I score a touchdown, everyone, cheers for me.





February 27, 2020
by nfox24

Global Experience

The best part of Global Experience was making my project. I liked getting everything in the right position.

The most challenging part was when we had to answer questions from the guests.

February 26, 2020
by nfox24

My Editorial

   More Gym Time

                     By Noah Daniel Fox


Do you know the benefits of gym for a full hour, not just  for 30 minutes? In some schools kids just sit in chairs all day, and don’t even get gym. Gym is a time for kids to get their energy out. It is critical that kids get more gym time. More gym time is important because kids sit most of the day and need the extra gym time to get their energy out.


The more you exercise the better  your mood will be. Exercise can help you calm down after a stressful day. For example, if you are really mad running can help you feel better. Additionally, exercise steams up chemicals in your brain that help you feel happy and more relaxed. Furthermore, when you exercise you are confident in yourself to do new things. 

In addition, gym class can help you communicate with your friends. In my gym class we have fun communicating during games. Learning to communicate in gym class can help you communicate in daily life.


Furthermore, going to gym class can help you get stronger and  healthier. For example, when I have gym time I run so much my muscles get bigger. That is what kids need when they get older. Gym can help you get coordinated. For example, gym can help you catch balls and you get faster reflexes.

More gym time could become a reason for more issues with students being too competitive. For example at my school at my gym class when we play games we get  at the teacher for making unfair calls. People can help get more gym time for kids. 


February 25, 2020
by nfox24

Global Experience In Kindergarten

We went to Seiners and Joiners .

I learned about how immigrants   got here.

I saw paper boats in the Atlantic.  The kids wrote words on the boat that are welcoming.

I liked when I read to a juniors  that was really fun. I read them books about being kind and refugees.


February 20, 2020
by nfox24

Torah and us

  1. Why does Isaac favor one son and Rebecca the other?


  1. a) Have you ever experienced being the favored or less-favored child? 


b)Why do you think this happens and how does it feel? 

Dad like Esau because Esau brought him his venison.

Mother  likes Jacob for no reason why.

No I never been less-favored child.

To me it will feel terrible and betrayed by my twin.

February 14, 2020
by nfox24

Winkle in time

Today I went to see Wrinkle in time. It was so different than the movie because they missed out on all the details.

An example is like when they ran around in the field and, when the Whos gave them wisdom.

I would not recommend this play because there was not enough detail like in the movie.

February 6, 2020
by nfox24

Hercules SWBST

Somebody: Hercules Phile

Wanted: to  become a g-d again

But:  Then he ran into Phile

So: So Phile rand Hercules


Then: Hr became a g-d again

February 3, 2020
by nfox24

The caste system

           Caste system


I am not a fan of the caste system, because it is not fair and it’s not kind.


The lower caste people are living in really small huts made of tarps.


If you were born into the caste system and you are really smart you are not allowed to become a scientist, professor or a doctor. Then, you won’t get money and then you will starve and that is not fair to the lower caste people. 


So in conclusion the caste system is not a fair way to treat people.

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