You are amazing!

As we enter week 3 of distance learning at home, I want to tell all of you that you are doing an amazing job guiding and encouraging your children.  Zoom and Facetime have been incredible tools to be able to see your children, hear their voices and support their learning.  It was especially fun to see so many of you as I delivered math  books. Beginning tomorrow morning, you will receive an email with the weekly second grade schedule. New subjects and assignments will be added daily. The document will be live throughout the week and your email will take you directly there.  I will have videotaped messages each day to welcome the kids and others to explain specific lessons.  Our regular zoom times will remain the same; always using Toni’s link. You can decide to share their work through email, text or Facetime.  I am always available to clarify any questions you might have or to support you and your children whenever needed.  I miss the kids so much!!!! Hang in there!

Below, I have included a scavenger hunt which might be fun to do sometime this week.

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

How many kind you find?

a house with a black railing

a blue car

a plant in a window

a recycling bin

someone out for a walk

a camper in a driveway

a dog

an electricity box

a license plate that spells a word

a house with a 9 in the number

a bird

a fire hydrant

a house with no cars in the driveway

a bicycle

a porch with 2 chairs

a license plate that starts with an a

an outside light turned on

an open garage door

a basketball net

a for sale or sold sign

a black garage door

a welcome sign

a house with 3 cars in the driveway


Quizzer of the Week

Please find the answer to the questions below and email the answers to me or post them in your blog.  They are due by Friday.  Thank you!

If you were playing the game Scrabble, what would be the value of the words below? (you get to use your math skills)

friendly      awesome      zapped

Mustard, Plum and Peacock are all characters in what board game?

List 2 rooms on this gameboard.

More Ideas – Distance Learning at Home


A huge big thank you to all of you for creating fabulous learning environments for your children!  Below are other sites and ideas you might find useful and fun.

Some other fun things to do at home
Interview a family member.
Measure the area of each room in your home.
Graph the types of birds that frequent your yard or windows.
Be completely silent for 60 minutes (good luck with this one), then write about the experience.
Write and mail a [real] letter to your teacher or principal or classroom friend.  Address the envelope yourself.
Build a “fable fort” out of blankets and chairs.  Camp in it all day while you create stories to tell your family over dinner.
Learn morse code and use it to communicate with your siblings through walls and floors.
Alphabetize the spices in your kitchen.
Stay up late and stargaze.
Call a grandparent or older relative.  Ask them to teach you the words to a song from their childhood days.
Determine and chart the times that different liquids require to turn solid in the freezer.
Design and create  puppets that perform a show.
Construct a family tree.
Learn ten new big words.  Write them in marker on your bathroom mirror.
Draw a map of your home.
Create a Venn  Diagram that compares and contrasts two people in your family, your  neighborhood, or temple.
Learn, practice, and perform a magic trick.
Learn, practice, and tell three new jokes.
Use household materials to make and play stringed, percussion, and wind instruments.
Learn to shine a pair of shoes.
If you have stairs, walk up and count them.  Walk down and count by twos.  Walk up and count by threes.  Continue through tens.
Write a poem on your sidewalk using chalk
Measure the length of your bed using five different kinds of units.
Call a person who speaks a language you do not.  Ask them to teach you five common words or phrases.
Create and use a secret code.
Build a paper airplanes with your family.  See whose will fly the farthest.
Set a clock three hours ahead.  Whenever someone needs to know the time, help them figure it out  by subtracting.
Write down every adjective ( describing word) you say for one full day. Ex: cold, yellow, strong,…)
Design a map of every state ever visited by people in your family.
Write or tell a story.
Using paper, tape, and string, design, build, and test a device that warns you when someone opens the kitchen cabinet.
Imagine, create, and fly a full size flag that tells the world about you.

E Books

Browse the MJDS online library catalog and read eBooks from any device!

You can read eBooks from the MJDS online library catalog.  There is no need to check them out. Read them on any device. It’s fast and easy!

Here are the steps-

  • Start at the MJDS website (
  • Choose Quick Links, Student Resources, Library Resources, eBooks.
  • From the Destiny Discover screen, scroll down to the eBooks header and browse.
  • For all students and families the username is library, the password is guest.
  • Select a book and read!

Distance Learning

I wish I had been able to say goodbye to all of you yesterday as we dismissed.  I am going to miss seeing you and spending time with your amazing children. I will be available to help support you in any way I can. Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions or concerns. (262-352-6927) I will be checking in with you and your kids weekly. The websites below may be helpful as you explore ways to engage your children in academics at home.


We  enjoyed a variety of activities celebrating Purim. Listening to the Megillah while graggers sounded, seeing  Adon Lippman drink an interesting shake, watching Rabbi Schaller reveal her pink hair, playing bingo with the first and third graders, decorating and filling Mishloach Manot treat bags and delivering them to second grades at Hillel, pranking some of the main offices, having fun at the Carnival and having fun watching Adon Kass perform his magic tricks.. What a fun, tipsy turvy day!



Show Me the Money!

Our housing commissioner, Grady, was busy collecting down payments from the class this morning.  The children had to decide if they wanted to buy a Ritzy Ditzy or a Regular house and pay one half of the total amount. Money counting skills were put to the test. Grady filled out housing permits for the students, which are proudly displayed at their table spots .  We will continue to earn for the next two weeks.


What a Special Community!/ Dowling Town

Friday was an exciting day in our classroom community.  We held an election for Mayor, Judge, Housing Commissioner and Supervisor of Maintenance. The children gave fabulous, thoughtful speeches, full of creative ideas. I was so proud of all the candidates for taking the risk to run. After the votes were counted, they  proved to be outstanding citizens as they congratulated each other and exhibited good sportsmanship. Our elected community leaders are listed below.

Mayor – Ruby, Judge – Benjamin, Housing Commissioner – Grady, Supervisor of Maintenance – Tali

Risk Takers

We were ready to brainstorm names for our community.  Before we even started, the kids told me that they had already come up with a name.  They said they want to call it Dowling Town because it is my last year.  That was such a special surprise for me. I have never had a town named after me. I am one fortunate teacher to be able to learn alongside your amazing children!