I have missed you so much and I can’t stand being apart any longer. I want to spend the rest of the year with you and share all of your adventures. So here I am, Flat Geveret Dowling. I’m so excited to share meals, read stories together, go along on bike rides, watch movies, help you with schoolwork, play with your pets, help you with your chores, learn new games, build forts, have sleepovers, hang out with your family, create projects, laugh together, jump on trampolines, and so much more. I am easy to move around and can fit into some pretty small spaces so we can do amazing things as a team. We are going to have so much fun together!!!!

Maybe your parents can take pictures of us once in a while, or we can do some selfies, showing us having fun together. Then, we can post them for the class to see all of the things we are dreaming up.

I am so excited! Let the fun begin!

Love, Flat Geveret Dowling

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